Libra 24° (October 17)

Ugh, I awoke to a pooping dream. “How common.” (Bubble from AbFab)I had to do it in a group toilet setting next to a girl I knew. The anxiety of the all-gender bathroom rearing it’s head? Perhaps. It was a rather fitful night in any case and I awoke, yet again, at two-thirty and rolled around and watched TV with no sound for another three hours. I feel okay considering but not top notch. The weather was absolutely crazy, raining and gusting, the house shaking like mad, branches down everywhere. And though no longer raining this morning it was blustery like fast moving clouds in a sky that recalls early eighteenth century English pastoral vases and paintings and miniatures. I know what I mean by that. I always maintained it wasn’t my favorite time to live. I did much prefer the early nineteenth century. It was a very wholesome and cozy and empowering time for me.

Anyway I need to put some thoughts and feels on paper for a project so I might as well do it here:

Aesthetics: Keywords: Essential, Elegant, Mystic, Metaphysical, Ethereal/Earthy, Old-World Modernist (modern from early 20th century view), Boston Brahmin, Transcendentalist, Cosmic (in Klint way), Simple Strong, Established, Old-Fashion-House-y, Powerful, Beautiful, Reassuring, Understanded Luxury.

Impressions + Narrative:

The Hilma af Klint was a big inspiration as it was an artistic communcation of a cosmic cionsciousness. She particularly stressed the essential power of the colors blue and yellow. Our existing AsterCast logo has been a sort of bluey grey and gold, which is vaguely on theme. We have explored varioations in our minds like midnight blue (sky) and palest yellow (star) to more greige and pale gold, being more neutral and seventies, stark, like a desert sand landscape under clouded sky.* We have also imagined the blue bordering on green, more sea foamy, paried with a gold. It’s a classic combination where the sea foam could take on a Tiffany blue kind of signature. It is the contrast in Klint’s conception of these essential colors that feels right and resonant, and we think that we might entertain any number of variations growing out of this basic pairing. Our ritual morning coffee turns out is had in one blue and one yellow cup. When we have a late morning coffee or tea we serve it in seafoamy cups, just a funny coincidental bit of self-reflection. (The tray on which we serve coffee and breakfast every day all these decades was purchased in a thrift shop in 1984 at the end of the school year in which we met France. It is made in Japan but looks Indian in design. Only recently did we realize that the now faded pattern depicts a circle with twelve dotted orbs, like stellar flowers, the Zodiac cosmic wheeel, set within an unfolding lotus, underscoring our thirty-six year relationship?).

* Woody Allen’s “Interiors” (1978) with its spare seventies American vision (with stark Swedish/Bergman overlay), is nonetheless powerfully loaded, and psycholoically so. The air is heavy with anticipation—in this way it’s a horror film. The nothingness makes the underlying something that much stronger. And, stylistically, we see a mix of old (painted walls and moldings and antiques) paired with more modern and contemporary elements (the dining set, the minimalism, the “plain-ness” of her hair and clothes, almost like devotional vestments, nearly expressing a Shaker sense of spirituality and life style). Ascetism despite the fact these northeast intelligentia Americans are sufficiently monied. A sense of unadorned adornment. All is visible and yet it communicates on the feeling level. There is mysticism.The final scene of the film is an outdoor shot, ironically, contrasting pale cream sand and grey sky, the same color scheme in the shot of woman in camel jumper on in greige interior. Gold and Silver.

Companies with Inspirational Brand Identies: Alaia, Frederique Malle
Images: Coffee Cups, Tea Cups


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