An Angel Carrying A Harp is the symbol for Capricorn 9°, pointing to the revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.There is a sense of this degree of the Zodiac in knowing there is no separation between mundane and transcendent experience, that the former and the latter are one and the same. Heaven, and hell for that matter, are within us or right by our side. But on the bright side (heaven) all we need do is be open and listen, a theme we see already emerging in these (randomly divined) Capricorn oracles. This symbol is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence; and that sign is ruled by winged Mercury and is lousy with flight imagery. The presumably winged angel with its harp is an agent of harmony, the perfect music of the spheres, to which we are all able to harken if we indeed do listen. The symbol of Mercury, a nod to the winged capped, as well as footed god, recalls an insect with its antennae finely tuned, poised to pick up all subtle vibrations, the great talent of Gemini people if (pointing to their specific paradox) they quiet their noisy natures and actually listen.

The duality of the Gemini is, as brothers Castor and Pollux portray, the human and the divine nature within all of us. In order to heed our own divine nature, which is the god within us, we must surrender that chatter box of an ego of ours. Before we live in natural rhythm with the divine god/universe we must first attune to it. When we encounter Capricorn 9° we fince the potential ability to do just that. Angels are personifications of cosmic order and therefore express that perfect balance and harmony.


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