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The first sign of Aries is all about birth and new beginnings. The headstrong Ram is the symbol—we’re typically born head first. Aries is the cardinal-fire sign. It is a spark, and ignition of new experience. On the grand scale the spark of big bang creation but on a personal level it is our individual spark, our purpose, motivation. Aries is ruled by Mars, named for the Roman War god the Greek Ares (A-r-e-s) who, like the Ram, attacks life. He is fiercely single-minded in his sole objective. His emblem is the spear. He has a point.

Aries people tend most to be this way. Perhaps to a fault. Not that sensitive to their effect on others. But they illustrate the point. That we must put ourselves first. Our own oxygen masks on first. That we must all be one with our purpose.

So you must first ask yourself what is your point? What we you born to be? Are you being it? It all starts with living your purpose. And it’s never to late to do so. The first house rules the physical body. Embodiment. Mars rules the blood. What is in your blood?

Aries motto is I am. Being. Being and Embodiment. Buddha was an Aries. And, his brand of spirituality, and really Aries default brand of spiritualityis all about the capital S self.


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