Cancer 16° (July 6)


I’m in a foul mood. It’s all to do with my work which is simply not going well. But I will persevere and get something, anything, finished today. Unlike most people, I really never take any time off and that does take its toll on a person I suppose. It is also ungodly hot. Anyway I’m going to just make a few cuts to a document I’m playing with and put some of these bits I’m not using today here and call it a day:

A benchmark of our philosophy and work, and what has registered most poignantly with our readers is that: the various archetypes that we’ve come to personify as mythical deities, spiritual and literary characters also live in us. Or rather, we are living personifications of them.  Each sign has main and ancillary archetypes—male, female and transgender energies cum characters—native to it. And we, the people, born under the various sun-signs are suffused with these spirits, these thought-forms, these energies, these deities, endemic to our star signs. We are, indeed, endowed with their specific brands of godhead, what we have referred to, herein, as “super powers”, particular to each of the gender-signs.  The mythic stories of these beings are metaphor for our human conditions and life paths, the hero’s journey, if you will. The Leo man hero is not the Virgo man hero nor the Virgo woman hero, for that matter. In some cases, one sign’s hero skill-set is another sign’s shadow-side manifestation, a challenge to be overcome.


In addition, and directly related, to these powerful archetypes are the innumerable other astrological assignations specific to each signfor instance: the specific combination of a sign element (fire, earth, air or water) and quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable), the fourelements times three qualities forming the element-quality mixes unique to each sign. There is a vast wealth of knowledge to glean from that combination alone and, knowledge being what it is, this too becomes a source of personal power, motivation and direction for the reader.  Other factors that provide us great insight into the personalities are the sign’s planetary ruler, the sign number, the astrological house—it alone has a laundry list of attributes—the sign’s graphic glyph, the seven-year age span associated with the sign, the sign’s and planet’s rulership of organic and inorganic objects and entities—the list of attendant attributes is probably endless, and we will pick and choose appropriately in support of both our treatise and the reader’s understanding, absorption and progressive transformation. We will thereby help and guide the reader in a healthful process of personal evolution comprised of and/or mirrored in an increase of self-acceptance, easeful relationships, social productivity, creative passion, personal value (and wealth), psychological understanding, emotional connectivity, hunger for knowledge, ownership of authority, compassion and love. We spotlight and explore the individual’s gifts and assets as well as their traps and challenges, providing specific direction for accentuating the former and negotiating the latter so that the momentum of one’s experience can be optimized, obstacles discarded, distractions and detractors silenced, and destiny callings made clearly perceptible.

In our view, much of why any of us feel the way we do—experiencing our own individual brands of existential angst or exaltation, and our own swing between them—is arguably due to our sun-sign placement and the archetype we personify at our core. Our view of life, our goals, our relationship to the world, to nature, to society-at-large and the world of ideas, to our own thoughts and experiences, and to other people, emotionally, is not as much colored by our astrological assignation as it is the color by which our life is coded. And while we’re on the subject of colors: Each sign is actually associated with not just one but a set of colors, a seemingly trivial fact, like a sign’s correspondent birth stone or precious metal, something people generally know, with the seeming importance ending there. It doesn’t. For it is the relevant vibration of colors and of those buzzy minerals that the zodiac is really pointing to with these particular points of fact per sign. And it’s true with most if not all astrological assignations; they go deeper than face value, and we’ve done the digging. What we’ve come up with is the belief that the breadth of ones feelings and behaviors are in large part, if not entirely, determined by the estate of one’s star sign. Someone might raise their hand here and say, well, what about conditioning, the early-childhood variety or the ongoing form. To that we counter thusly: We don’t know why it is true—and we can never explain it—but from our experience, both nature and nurture seem to be encoded in ones astrology—in our sessions with private clients we can perceive and pinpoint with accuracy, down to the year, the occurrence of a pivotal event which caused a trauma or a rupture or an emotional hit of some kind for the individual. Likewise, in more general terms, we can survey the kinds of emotional and psychological trials, tribulations and, yes triumphs, that an individual of a certain sex/gender-sign is likely to encounter, with certain specificity. We spoke of flowers before, now we’ll talk of trees:  Every plant, really, is governed by a particular sign and they share qualities and purposes with people born under it, offering insight into our temperament and actions, not to mention directions for the pruning of our experience to foster the most growth. (Expect a sidebar on this theme in this section.) We are all natural things. Supernatural, perhaps.



To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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