Sagittarius 2° (November 24)


I have a tickle in my throat. And my memory feels pretty dodgy. Trying to feel good and not guilty. I don’t know why I have this scared rabbit feeling today. I think I need to get out of the way of my own emotions and just let the pass or float through and over them. I always feel like I fucked things up. No surprise that would be my default feeling since it kind of is, due to its imposition on me. I mean the family lore was that everything got ruined when I showed up. I ruined my sister’s and father’s lives. Tomorrow will be a very fun, working day. I will prepare for the window guy etc. My sense is that no water is coming in that way but I could be wrong. Even there I feel guilty for having brought folk’s attention to it. This falls under the larger heading of certain grooves in behavior of which I feel ready to let go. All is the chasing of a feeling, but we know that money doesn’t bring said feeling about. Some of the richest people I know struggle with anxiety and depression. I think most would agree that it makes emotional matters worse not better. Eighteen days until the Kennedy shindig and I hope to at least rid myself of some lbs. off the top. I began intermittent fasting today. Let’s see what happens on that score shall we? I spent most of the day catching up on this, which has been very helpful to my mind set. And I’m ready to start slotting a lot of things into place. I mentioned having phone conference with ART folks the other day. Now I need to put together some minutes and say something along the lines of:

It was nice speaking with you last week and good to brainstorm on the coming shows for winter/spring 2020, especially in positioning approach to the artists, whose work all have their distinctive personalities, promotional hooks and demographics. You had mentioned wanting more information on the artists than appears on the FB event pages et al in any case. As is always helpful, I would love to get individual press releases for all the remaining four shows.

Kareem M. Lucas is distinguished as one of the great, new theatrical hopes coming out of New York.  He is an actor, playwright, poet, producer and director. Early in 2019 he performed the show he is doing at Oberon at the Cherry Lane’s Theater Mentor Program, which is an Obie-award-winning new play series. Kareem was mentored by Craig “muMs” Grant. He is also a 2019/20 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow recepient. And he was awarded a 2019/20 playwright residency at the New York Theater Workshop. So it’s all very happening for him right now; and we might think about contacting more of the theatrical trade publications as well as reaching out to African American community leaders, press and journalists who might champion his work which directly points to race and social justice. Also can we think about his giving some kind of talk for theater department at Harvard/ART (which is something which I feel could apply to all our artists who have in the past been poached by Tufts/Museum School et al. Though not a comedian per se, I do feel that this show would also be the beat of Nick Zaino and more muscular journalist and social media figures. I do think Kareem is destined to make a mark and from a curatorial perspective we are spot-on in presenting him; that said, we should enjoy some financial as well as artistic reward in so doing. I do think that some local NPR and college radio should be a distinct focus here. I will look further into ERS BUR and touch base with Jared Bowen on this. I do think too that we can get some think-pieces, here. I will reach out to Globe because they might be planning something to do with Black History month. We shouldn’t avoid the obvious and do some searches on Boston events to see if we can get some interested generated from any larger, more comprehensive celebrations/events happening at that time.

Penny Arcade, as discussed, can fill houses in New York City with lengthy runs. It does occur that the title of her show might be too NYC-sounding and not universal enough; but there is a Boston demographic who is especially into the downtown New York experience and we need some old-school characters—journalists and figures in the performance scenes, especially, in Somerville and Jamaica Plain who would be attracted to the authenticity of her experience as an underage teen from Bridgport CT who was swept up by a caravan of dragqueens who took her to live in Provincetown in the Summer of Love in the 1960s, where she secretly lived in Prescott Townsend’s house without him knowing, before landing in New York where she became part of Andy Warhol’s Factory. Being then a youngster among these painters, performers, filmmakers and activists, she is one of the only surviving figures from that seminal era and is the doyenne of downtown New York performance. We really should dig deep into the Queer community with this show. And (as I have done with some shows in the past) I especially want to reach out to the NYC community to activate them in contacting their Boston cronies and colleagues. Penny is a performer who has benifited greatly from Afterglow in that, prior to her involvement in 2011, she wasn’t in the same loop as the younger NYC performers who performed Joe’s Pub and other places. We surely had a hand in recontextualizing Penny and presenting her to a new generation of audience and artists who do hail her as the Queen of performance.

Migguel Anggelo will have the easiest time selling his show because, as mentioned, he seems to have a lot of promotional support behind him. His manager (and perhaps partner— I’ve never asked) David Stark is a super connected designer and event planner in NYC and part of the “gay mafia” based there. This would contribute to explaining a newcomer like Migguel getting the kind of press, and celebrity audience selfies, he enjoys. I will reach out as best I can to the “Boston/Ptown chapter” and see if I can get interest from some folks like Bryan Rafanelli, Daniel Mullins, John Ruggieri, Adam Cutone and other fancy pants. At the same time, I will dig into the LatinX community and culling of contacts I have done in the past in promoting Marga Gomez in the past.


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