At Sagittarius 23° A Group of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements of Entrance Into The New Country is the symbol du jour. Today we focus upon consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present. There is a sense of passing through a threshold and making a mindful transition. I’m down with this image today I must say. I had one of those nights where I really didn’t sleep at all—it happens often when I’m preparing for a show wherefore I do a great deal of rehearsing in my head in bed. I am tired of doing things the old way. And repetitive or ritual experience whereby I anticipate things may’ve changed remind me that you can’t expect different results from doing the same things the same way. As we cross that threshold to a realm of new experience there will be requirements to meet, those that signal a readiness to adjust to new ways of life.


It can take on the character of a trial by fire, but it should be worth it. Our success in the new realm will in large part be dependent upon how we cross said threshold, in what state of mind and spirit we do so. In a way, this image combines the last two. We are seeking to assimilate but while retaining our original identity. I don’t know about you but there is something really right on about reading this symbol today. Sagittarius is very much about freedom, especially when it comes to freeing the mind. And as this oracle falls under Aquarian rule, we get that extra sense of entering into a new order. I want a new order. Not that the old one didn’t work, but because it worked effectively for that time. You know what I mean? We don’t necessarily transition from a bad place, but we always transition from an outmoded one. At the same time, all is transition, of course. But when we consciously cross a threshold of experience bent on marked change, we are actually acting like a mutation which is tantamount to continued evolution. That is the Aquarian energy. Evolution doesn’t happen along one continual line. Extinction does. Evolution requires mutating and branching off, deviating and diversifying. I’m ready to diversify my portfolio of life. Who’s with me?

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