Gemini 0° (May 20)

Not sleeping well. Certain home readings through the roof. I must now address it all before I get way too, too out of whack. All this stress is just not fair and we will have justice. I did have this pretty crazy dream which I now realize is recurring: We discovered a sort of secret part of the Cape, driving down a road on the ocean side in Truro, where there was this intact retro kind of village like a small Provincetown, and the shops were really beautiful and we were commenting on how nice and quaint it was and there was a corner building that had a store front and looked like a little apartment upstairs and I thought this is for us. There were also white cows and sheep along the road that led toward the ocean, so it was much more like being in Ireland or England or Wales or something than here. And two cars were racing and one was a Volkswagon driven by a woman who had a similar feel to Kathleen the estate agent. That is that. I must focus on what’s right in front of me and this is it: The most mysterious fourth house is also that of endings, which we see reflected in the rock-bottom element endemic to any recovery process. In order to get to the other shore, providence of a promised land new beginnings, it is necessary to bid a final farewell to certain circumstance, attitudes and behavior that no longer serve one’s well-being. Because Cancer man sees things through to the end more than most, he tends to have an intense and profound personal experience of processing finality and uncertainty, which open up onto new vistas. When faced with some such situations where he finds himself “at sea”, and, moreover, in the “belly of a whale”, having to deeply soul search while being in a difficult spot, if not an emotionally dangerous one, tasked in the extreme, facing hard choices, it is ironically a such points that the Cancer man can separate himself from his previous world  and confront that which has been holding him back, so to realize his as yet un-lived potential. In this way, the dynamic of passage from the “home” he comes from to one he is newly creating doesn’t just apply to his actual place and family of origin and the one he builds in adulthood, it pertains to everything—career, workplace, social milieu, intimate relationships, intellectual creative interests, spiritual beliefs and practices, personal evolution. He must be “at home” in all that he does as well as where he does it. And this dynamic will, and should, Cancer, time and time again. This is the pattern of his personal path. The proverbial belly-of-the-whale analogy is of course a reference to the biblical Jonah but it also draws on Cancer man’s more animated archetype of Pinocchio, the two tales providing separate and distinct insights into the Cancer character. In the story of Jonah, which is Hebrew for dove (the very sign of providence from which Noah knows deliverance is at hand), he is a recalcitrant figure, in whom we glimpse the more negative aspect of the Crab man’s own intractable, clinging nature. God orders Jonah to sail to the debauched city of Nineveh to prophesy its destruction lest it’s people repent; thinking the trip and task too difficult, surely not a path of least resistance, Jonah ignores the order and escapes by boat in the opposite direction, only to find God has kicked up a storm. Realizing he may cause the ship’s destruction, he begs its crew to throw him overboard, which they do, whereupon the seas calm and Jonah is swallowed by the whale of the tale, where he remains for three days, begging for God the father’s forgiveness, which granted sees the whale vomit him onto the shore. In Pinocchio’s story, it is the father figure, Gepetto, who is swallowed by the whale; and upon hearing this news, Pinocchio, guided by his own higher power in the form of Jiminy Cricket, travels deep into the sea, entering the belly of the whale, where he and Gepetto build a fire that will smoke and, actually, sneeze them all out onto safe land. Both are stories of redemption, that is what they share; but whereas the Jonah tale is about humbling oneself, seeking forgiveness, and being granted second chances, Pinocchio’s story is about selflessness, summoning strength and courage to save someone he loves, which results in his being transformed into a real boy.

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