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(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

That was by Cancerian Moonchild Cat Stevens who felt his way to becoming Yusuf Islam. We all must feel and purge, cardinal-water cartharsis delivering us “home” where the heart is.

Leo—Fixed-Fire—is the flaming sacred heart and hearth, the center, like its ruler Sun, of our being. Feelings move us but Leo passion sustains us and makes us whole. Leo people are like ah. Yeah. They own it. They get theirs.

The 5th house is that of creativity among other things. Like love affairs. When we embrace our creative passion—or fall in love—its as if the Sun shines on us. The Sun is a star and the 5th house is about achieving our own personal stardom. Having a love affair with life! If the Moon is mother: nurture, the Sun is father: authority and authorship. King Arthur creating his sphere of influence—the round table is a Sun symbol. That’s what Leo people do: They rule over their lives….and others’.

The 5th house is the love we give and “co-creation with god.” To love others or our creations, be they real or “brain” children, is to be as god, creator as well as a creature. Leo people are—God complexed? I was going to say fiercely loving but yeah.

The sign’s motto is I will, which is both a pledge and a command. Leos are living examples of courage, strength, backbone. The sign rules the spine as well as the heart. You know, people say I can’t find love. I tell them Love is a verb not a noun. Just do it. Or get a hobby.

At this point in the story: Jesus realizes he is both son and father and he gets into the whole starring co-creative role, drawing on his patrilineage down from King David, the Jewish Arthur, surrounding himself, like the Sun, with his twelve apostles. It’s the honeymoon phase, the halcyon days of the Christ-mas story. Feeling sanguine and soverign. And maybe he did have an affair with Mary Magdelene or that transgendered Apostle, or both. cue music

A love affair for the ages. LOVE is our apotheosis.                                                                            

song: Snowed In at Wheeler Street

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