Aquarius 20° (February 10)


Paris, Day Eighteen of Sixty. I will start my essay today which is strange to think about. The theme is “Les voyages sont l’education de la jeunesse et l’expérience de la vieillesse” (Francis Bacon). Some ideas that pop to mind: Comme jeuner, one is open, a blank page on which influences are written. We are at our most impressionable and what Francis Bacon wouldn’t have known: science has proved that our brains are still in a state of development up until 18 years old or thereabouts and so, literally, neurologically, we are deigned to receive and absorb information in our youth and this is tantamount to the process of wiring our brains. The next part of the quote from Bacon speaks of language in particular and the concept of schooling. Perhaps in the end there is a teriary connection between the two in the Derrida, Deconstructionist view. Like a “happy trauma” . Experience is that which cultivates wisdom, but it is also the mechanism for creating memory. Bacon’s quote continues: He that travelleth into a country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to school, and not to travel.” I will have to think more about this. Anyway this will be a start but it will in no way end up the final product, not even close. S. will start Bikram today after all even though we decided to wait a few days. As it turns out there is no special deal anyway to it will be fine for me to wait. I won’t be losing any time and I will actually only end up going for a month. I am going to try to go every day even if I just stand there. While she is out I’ll do a little stroll near Pompidou before meeting her on Rambuteau. Everything is closed. So we will end up going to La Fronde where S. has an omelette and I have the bavette.

We have A. and Dr. Kimberly in the afternoon. And then we will go out for dinner as well. There has been a lot of that—it’s becoming somewhat worrying. Then again I’m not going to let it get me down. I need to be all forward movement and can’t stop now to think about nickels and dimes, that’s for sure. The restaurant is really fun. I have this sort of pork belly and mussel thing to start, followed by a ducking on a kind of sweet potato mash and S. had katsu of celery whatever that is and som pumpkin dish. The wine is delicious and the vibe is really fun. But there are already fashion people here in town and we are still two weeks out. I have a back and forth going with SP who is now better known as the devil. I don’t know why this is snowballing so out of control but it is. Will write this at some point: I have witnessed cancel culture first hand. It is a dirty snowball. Anyone who isn’t a sheep and speaks their mind as an individual in this day and age (where tribalism is just as rampant within our small so-called artistic communities as it is on a greater social scale) is putting their head on a chopping block of sorts. As a non-profit producer I have had artists cancel on me last minute and have seen the poisonous effects my taking action to recover losses of time and money have taken: the bad-mouthing, the icing out, the rumour mill, the shade. I have seen folks I’ve once called my closest friends close ranks around the most rancid characters simply because they feed their fragile ego and kiss their narcissistic asses. I have never been a sheep and I will continue to speak my mind and take my stands for truth and fairness. Our communities have become like bullying middle-schools and I didn’t want to conform then and I don’t want to conform now. I ask myself and bid you do likewise: Are the opinions you hold about others your own, or are they drawn from the entropic telephone game continually being played out in every sense of the term. As I write this I think of all the people I know who have ended their lives because they felt unloved, attacked, shamed. I also think of those who have taken all those slanderous slings and arrows and turned it into art. Of the sleazy weasels who feed the slanderous fire, I don’t think of you at all.

But that won’t nearly cover it. I have lots more to say on the subject and will eventually get it all down. I am powering through as best I can. I will learn that I am not so far into the weeds as I think I am. The final product of my French “essay” will be this: Chez les jeunes, on est tout overt, une page vierge sur laquelle la vie peut ecrire. Dans notre jeunesse, nous sommes les plus impressionables—nos cerveaux se forme encore. Le voyage stimule plus que notre intellect; il engage tous nos sens. Cela ouvre notre esprit et nous permet d’embrasser la diversité. Le voyage élargit nos horizons and nous aide de savoir ce qui est possible dans la vie. Ma troisième année à l’université, j’ai fait mes études en France et j’ai pris des nombreux voyages secondaires dans ce pays et celui-la. Et cela a completement changé le cours de mon existence. Je peux retracer toutes les bonnes chose qui me sont arrivés depuis cette année. Donc, dans la vieillesse, les voyages comprennent plus que les étoffe de la mémoire. Ils sont les auteurs de nos histoires, les architects do nos succès et même de nos échecs, les peintres de nos images imaginaires que nous appelons les memoires. Alors nous sommes nos voyages.



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