Capricorn 3° (December 24)

Morning chat with S to try and make last uncontested attempt. Trip to Perry’s and S&S. Chat with Priscilla who is remarkably friendly and kind. Billy and Tim drop off Xmas foody gifts. I made a frittata of sorts with onion, potato, egg (of course) green beans, ham and Gruyere. Watching season two of Emily in Paris. Terribly depressed and feeling what is the effing point of all this. I manage to get out and get some more errands done. I also order les fleurs. I am tempted to smoke. I remember how on this night, a number of years in a room, some more memorable, you would come over; and we would play around the (sometimes silver) Christmas tree, our parents probably sipping very boozy eggnog and we playing with the decorations, the inflatable reindeer and stuffed Santa, eating Bugles we would wear like long fingernails before chowing them, watching some holiday show; and one night lying in our bedroom imagining the sound of an approaching St. Nick arriving in a flying sleigh filled with toys. My father would have had some friend call the house and pretend to be “Ishkabibble” who was Santa’s chief elf to discuss my behavior and worthiness for presents. I remember all three of us singing “If I Had a Hammer” into a new tape recorder—so that might mean this was our second night of revelry, Christmas night, now, not eve. Because, of course, you might have spent all Christmas day as well. I remember you would arrive early morning in pajamas and white quilted robe, to open presents with us, perhaps? And the day would be spent, then, trying every new game or two. One game where you wore a secret identity on your forehead and you had to guess, from other people’s responses and reactions, who you were. I think it was called “Who’s Who?” And Hot Wheels and Match Box cars, and Little Kittle dolls with their accompanying houses that smelled so strongly of factory plastic. And “groovy” Pop gifts like blow up plastic stop-sign pillows and Playdough and Silly Sand and Spirographs and such. Will speak with D. Brown and speak too much about astrology—gosh do I miss being able to discuss such ideas as I used to with the one person who speaks my language. She could end up being more and more lost to me as time unfolds which would sadden me to no end. It is time to really start letting go. I used my Xmas Eve buzz to take full inventory of le Blagues and to devise a schedule for realizing filling all the over a hundred empty entries. It’s cool. I’ll get there. Also making a list of possible revenue streams.

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