A Disappointed And Disillusioned Woman Courageously Faces A Seemingly Empty Life is the Sabian Symbol at 21° Aquarius and it speaks to our ability to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human realtionships with strength of character and personal integrity. Funny that this symbol coincided with an artist friend going on a rant on Facebook about not feeling appreciated as an artist, wondering if s/he should give up. I definitely think that if people are doing what they’re doing for anybody then themselves then they’ve already given up. And, in terms of relationships, we can’t expect anything from anybody, really, ever. This is, in some way, the other side of the Sabian coin from the big businessman at his desk last week; as we have to look at male/female metaphorically. In that image the man was managing a complex of enterprises, dealing mentally with success and reversal of fortunes in turn. Here, the woman figure represents the emotional level of coping with disappointment and facing disillusionment of goals and ideals and dreams, particularly in close relationship. Who hasn’t felt that.

Perhaps an individual with this degree of Aquarius highlighted in their chart might be overly sensitive on that score with the paradoxically ability to buck up and transcend issues of failure and rejection and plain old regret. This is symbol of the kind of inner strength and compassion one might need to face inevitable failings. This figure has the ability to learn through her emotional crises and to have it build strength and character.

It is thus all about resilience, which is a subject of study in our household right now as Stella is in the midst of her masters degree in psychology. I know this much from speaking to her: That it’s about the depth of our failures as much as it is about how resilient we are in the face of that which mightn’t have panned out as planned. It shouldn’t keep us from having hopes and dreams and we should expect the best all the while; but when life or relationships fall short, it’s really how we roll with it.

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