Cancer 4° (June 24)


How funny. So today we awoke super early so that we could get S. to a 6:30 ferry. I wake typically by 5 every morning anyway so it wasn’t weird for me. We were going to make a stop to drop our used Nespresso pods into a UPS box and then go to the bank for cash then to get S.’s ticket. The UPS box was filled with Nespresso pod bags!! It was so funny. Dropped off La Louie then headed back and here I am. Finishing this leg of the project:

these are the kinds of relationships that provide an off-ramp, a detour from usual dysfunction, flagging her to yeild her symbiotic energy in her lovemaking blech.many Virgo’s don’t settle into relationships until mid-life

  • a man/lover who doesn’t perceive her as a void he falls into or is swalled by
  • Sex should be sanctified for the sared harlot (this is her superpower) Tantric in bed
  • Mercury rule in this earth sign signifies a certain natural and physical intelligence
  • Digestion, gestation, our desired natural functions which are in themselves complex if not miraculous
  • It’s the same with sex. It’s about getting the brain out of the way, really, for everyone; and this is something which comes naturally to Virgo, or can trip her up the most, either way it will become a theme in her life. Sometimes we are the personification of some form of impurity we should otherwise seek to remove from the situation. Virgo’s work in life is to examine her behavior and to try and to decifer what is natural and what is conditioning such that she might develop a belief system based on wht seems, comes naturally to her in her best thoughts and deeds. ARE WE SOMEHOW SEPARATE FROM NATURE? THE ENERGY OF VIRGO OFFERS A RESOUNDING NO
  • At her best she embodies the notion that nature runs its course, that like the physical body the self, too, (can) know(s) what to do. Virgo’s very body can become a means of transcendence, in sex certainly, but also in other forms of physical expression, athletics, movement, yogini, dance, performance, as an aerialist or even clowning. There is a devotional aspect to performing any kind of physical feat, is there not? At that is at the core of the Virgo experience: to do, well, practically everything, as if it were devotional, a ceremony, a word that comes from the Roman name for Demeter, Ceres (who also gives us cereal); Demeter is associated with the Eleusian mysteries, a suspected series of hermetic (secret) ritual ceremonies. Ritual magic is the performance of physical activities endowed with the power of affecting spiritual, alchemical, change, to thus mold reality toward desired results.



And sexual magick is something in which Virgo might have especial talent, harnassing the nature within her.


This can be kind of cool, really.

This is why self-help RITUALS are so important to the Virgo.

) We will use sex over and over as metaphor.

  • Sex takes dedicated practice. Which is why one night stands don’t cut it. She needs to work on her routine with a partner.
  • Size matters, she learns she’s s ex machine. Needs a sturdy fellow, “seasoned driver”
  • She tires men out. He needs staying power.Staying power could be a good metaphor for her in life as well as in bed.
  • Her natural intelligence (physical intelligence) will tell herif a guy is into her or not; (and he needn’t already literally be for her to know)

Nowhere do we talk about her being a FAG HAG

  • matches a man’s every stroke (cringe) upping the stakes by calibrated degrees, heightening without wrecking the flow (breaking the rhythm. He will feel earth move
  • the more putty in his hands she becomes. it’s like “her yoni itself discerns the way to make his lingham grow without blowing its stack. She may at first seem like someone who just lies there. Again here sex can be a metaphor for how she is in life. We can say, for the purposes of this chapter, or for the purposes of killing two birds with one stone

And really regarding just lying there Virgo’s seem to have it easy because people do seem to take care of them. It’s a fine line between caregiver and co-dependent. But they always get their apartments and so forth bought for them, typically by their parents. They are very dependent on parents to set them up in environments where most others have had to make their own way. This makes them seem in some ways pampered and privileged. They never seem to have to hold down a job just to make money. They are cut some slack, given enough support, to take their (signature slow) time to make their way and ultimately their mark. As in sex, rushing is out of the question. We are back to those “grounded birds” THEY LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT COMPETITION .

  • Virgo woman is all about process (this needs to be said sooner) her whole life is processing and enjoying to process, so why wouldn’t she seek out other like minds instead of surrounding herself with those who are disabled on that score. It’s like she goes for those Hephaestean types. Virgos stick together
  • Sexually her vag involuntarily squeezes. ultimately dispels notion she’s sluggish in sack


I wish we could call her the vagina. OMG Kristen Johnstons character? was she Alotta Vagina?

Page Fifteen-Seventeen (283-5)

Sidebar Turn Ons (Straight) should be mined for metaphor. High power creatives, rockers, painters. I mean they are really starfuckers. OMG also Nina West inherited a house. These people don’t have to do fuck all.

  • Sex does become ritual experience too of course, including some bells and whistles. She does like her toys. The vacuuming metaphor. Not multiorgasmic but the one is seismic (spelling) Dripping wax. Leather the whole nine. Stoned sex. Mother Jugs and speed. Get stoned!!!!!
  • Least gay of female signs. We get into this whole thing of dropping her servile thing. I feel we knew a lesbian Virgo and she was no Alice B. Tolkas


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