Virgo 9° (August 31)

Monday and still feeling uneasy in these parts. We did get to beach for a miles long walk along the water. People are playing fast and loose. Friends are visiting Provincetown but not a peep from them and I’m not making any requisite moves. Wrote nearly five pages today and I will try to double that tomorrow. It is feeling in some ways easier though I know there will be good days and bad days; I was pretty stuck over the weekend.  I have some notes on the Aries individuals that I’m reviewing and I will simply post it here. It is pretty random stuff so you’re on your own wading through it.

Aries Man most cut and dry. Aries woman most cut and run.

They are the realists. He is architect framer. Should always work at things where its about initiation. 

Aries is about embodiment. A lesson in learning solitude (for the man?).

Mars is god of blood

Taurus man page 52 quiescent (in a state of dormancy, inactivity) is that a word and yesterday and today notes To Do List also page 52 the spelling of Avant gardist Taurus man the Gardner Taurus woman the garden Aries man initiation initiative Aries woman the director of natural force embodiment of pure life force 

the myth of Mira from which we get the word Mer 

we can say 

we do say Aries man is the fat folk but I’m thinking actually it’s Taurus 

Aries man symbolizes life force carnal fire coursing through his veins Aries woman harnessing that power. Athena is a director of life force. 

chapter says Aries needs to open his quote “viewer”. But I think we change this in the new book since it is Taurus that is myopic. 

Aries nomadic, conquering herds and hordes, living “off the animal”  lots of fleece and mutton in contrast to Taurus where the Bull is the fructifying agent. 

Everytime a Bull appears in mythology it becomes this kind of love-object. Zeus as the Bull beckons to be ridden, he does not force his maleness. 

“The concept of male changes from Aries to Taurus dramatically.” And Gemini is both and in order to be so, successfully, he must be clever.

Aries Nomads versus agrarian farmer Taurus. He farms for friends and those to people his life. His life is his garden. b


Aries Man

The first house about “taking stabs” • They take everything personally • Not only do they have seeing others’ perspectives, they exhibit no irony in believing that everyone should be looking at life from theirs. • They are the biggest hostage taker. •They are the most unbeholden living life on their own terms and on their own time. If they find, as they often do, a solo vocation where they needn’t much interface with others—solo artist or business owner, carpenter, graphic designer, anything where they can create and come up with any goods alone. Other notions: Stalker tendencies (if denied what they want), hard workers (bad bosses), strong body odor, bossy bottoms, bluster and bravado, Up for anything not for too long, thumbsucking and having to change their diapers. They adore without being clingy. In charge. Always moving onto the next thing. They have short tempers and are prone to tantrums. “Charismatic mansplainers. Active adventurous, but not in it for the long haul. In it for the “moment” and ultimately good with being in the moment (via meditation, etc). He can’t  deal with rejection in the least (while his so-called opposite sign of Libra’s whole being and existence is hinged on negoatiating it, along with all things one-on-one relationa)l. No sign takes what life may bring more personally than does Aries. Impuslive. He sees the world/existence as possessing the same qualities as he—that reality/existence is impulsive, competitive, dog-eat-dog, raw and rather random.

Not to say all Aries are Buddhists, but their natural brand of spirituality is hinged on the upper-case Self as the highest form of power, while they tend to be pretty self-y in the bedroom as well.

what kinds of offspring did Ares have? 

Needing final list of jewelry styles. Aries men needs to be more the Shepherd archetype leading the flock solo endeavour. The hero archetype maybe even work in heracles having to go through self imposed trials. Iron Man. Reading house lists for ideas. Aries is outwardly challenging loves to debate. Jim Parsons? Issa? Kumal? Jessica Williams. Eddie Redmayne. The woman in the Danish girl. John Oliver. How were work with clients .

Aries man is the most self obsessed of the astrological characters. He fascinates at his own experience personal experience that which is right in front of him the metaphorical equivalent of the baby playing with his own body and entertaining only that which is in his immediate via. He wears an open expression like Ewan McGregor, typically pitched forward in conversation talking at others with a challenging glint in his eye. Very rarely someone you’d describe as laid back . Forever proving a point , convincing others of his position. Even if the strong silent type there is a sense of seething beneath the surface. He is never retiring. Learning to be a team player because it does not come naturally. Site Michael imperioli. 

Aries man is the most indie of the sign. Vincent Gallo. Diane von Furstenberg. Ares is the God of blood. Research his foreign equivalents. He is most cut and dry. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 771-775. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day. 

There are no previous Blagues worth posting today.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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