Capricorn 11° (January 1)

OK so let’s get into it. First thing I have to look up what a wound did rabbit means and dream interpretation also the fact that I live next door to and also across the street from morticia’s in the form of Angelica Houston and Carolyn Jones parent this cannot be normal. The other night was it wasn’t last night and it wasn’t it was the night before so it was the 30th I had this entire like mind meld with the concept of gilligan’s island and I was completely done rabbit hole in my brain all the ends and outs of the characters and plotlines and everything everything everything. And then Stella tells me that dawn wells from gilligan’s island died and I was like holy **** I had just gone through this entire freaking episode of like obsessing about gilligan’s island and this is the news on broad like how is that how does that work I mean I know that I’m psychic I know that I have freaked others out and along with myself I know that I’ve had strange dreams where in the very day after I’ve been triggered to say I know what’s going to happen I’ve experienced psychic things of an inexplicable quality and yet it’s not the mainstay of my existence and you know it’s like what I said the other night like I don’t even think people I think people tend to disbelieve it overtime but also people want you to be ordinary even the ones closest to you because they feel ordinary but the fact is these things are true about me and I’m not ordinary so I have to start channeling that energy more that’s one of my goals I will look up the dream interpretation of oh it was like a woon did rabbit and it was one of its hind legs was hurt at the same time is also an old lady now I’m going to look up rabbits in dream interpretation is going to be like means your cafe running with no lady I’m not sure but there’s definitely something up with that .

I’m definitely up to speed but I have used up all my get out of jail free cards which is fine ’cause I in the end I wanted to concentrate this I want to make it a Crucible experience where I’m just thrown in and can do nothing else but do the thing I’m doing and that is fine. The nemesis element to all of this of course is the dealing with farmer folk face and he was outside today on holiday doing little bits of just what’s the word he’s trying to wage psychological warfare against us and we’re not going to be intimidated by him. We will I could imagine others who are not anywhere near equipped for that sort of behavior launched at them like a missile crumbling because it’s so debilitating it’s so destructive it’s so distracting it so so low and so petty answer stupid. Which means I suppose that but I need to learn right now is how not to let these things bother me . I’m going to also learn to trust my council. On top of that I’m keeping a backup of my own ideas because there’s nobody more equipped than me to stand up for us so I will make sure that we are covered and in which way but sideways. After our lovely meal of flounder and chips and kale last night today we enjoy a delicious French onion soup and for dinner tonight I am making a salad of chicory pair Walnut which al karma lies and roquefort cheese the dressing will have a hint of garlic but mainly it will be kind of a bright very cherry feel with combo balsamic and Apple cider vinegar. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1376-1380. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

The purpose of my writing at this present moment is to get some thoughts on paper regarding the signs. Much of what I’m saying may be a repeat of what I’ve said before, ad nauseum, during my long career as Q(V)C. (My friend Justin Vivian Bond, whom I call Jessica, said that my middle name should also be Vivian so I’d be QVC. I said “it’s Vera”. I think that was around the same time of my Suzy Menkes story.) It’s now to be a simple matter of searching the archives for key words, for starters, and extracting. I will have written four solid years of this Blague next month. Starting with the fifth year, I will read (extract and archive and separate out, year one, the Sabian ideas) five old Blagues a day for the next 365 days—and write a new one of course each day—this will mean by that the end of next year I will not only have completed a new fifth year, but I will have also roughly archived all five years. It will be a rough cut and paste job really; andmy Blague entry for the day will serve as something of a guide and synopsis, distlled, into a text-guide of 365 days. I can also excerpt myself. Somehow I think this might be one of the most exciting ideas I’ve had in a long time.

PIcking up on what I was saying yesterday about Chiron and the sign of Virgo…

He was in fact unrelated to all other centaurs, sometimes depicted with human front legs. He is mainly an abomination, at least according to his mother who, at birth rejected him and left him to die. He is akin to Ganesh, the original elephant-man god whose festival coincides with Vulcanalia, which is the first day of Virgo, August 23. Vulcan is the Roman name for Greek Hephaestus who wasn’t born lame but made so by his dismissive father Zeus who, enraged at his son siding with his mother, Hera, in an argument—flung him around the world which he circled endless times before landing and henceforth living without the use of his legs.

What the mythical Mercury, Chiron and Vulcan share is that they are all, like Ganesh,  healers. Hephaestus-Vulcan is a potter god, a smithy, an alchemist as befits Virgo’s malleable mutable-earth sign. Despite infirmiry he doesn’t wallow but channels his disability into invention, spending all waking time at his forge, in his workshop, making all sorts of nifty tools, weapons and devices for the betterment of men and gods alike. Virgo’s sign mottos are I work and I serve. Like Prometheus who elevated mankind by gifting them with sacred fire stolen from Olympus—this mirrors the move from the fixed-fire sign of the Leo god-kings (and some fierce queens) to Virgo with its everyman assignation, mutable-earth speaking to the evolutionary effect the stolen fire is meant to have on man. As part of the punishment Zeus doled out for this theft, he had Hephaestus make, out of clay, Pandora who with her infamous box brought all vice, first disguised by virtue, into the world.

Hephaestus is an ironic god of the human condition. He understands humanity and knows loss and humility, rare in a god. He knows that one’s reactions to loss can go either way, from victimization to victory, from self-pity or -destruction, from dysfunction to contribution,  to making lemonade from lemons. His crippling becomes the nature of his godhead, his superpowers deriving from being parapalegic if only a metaphor for being cut at the knees. This is true alchemy, the undergoing of personal change on the most human of levels. What is alchemy but getting the lead out? And, both metaphorically and metaphysically, Virgo is about undergoing such internal alteration, not sitting there like a lump of clay but making yourself useful, purifying oneself, removing our baser elements, obstacles, in the crucible of one’s own conscience. Hephaestus is more acurately the god of the human conscience and he is, like Ganesh, a remover of obstacles. The sign of Virgo rules the digestion which is also a metaphor for said conscience—munching on experience it metes out the nutrients in our life from the detritus

The Zodiac may in fact be the best tool for self-discovery we have in our storied culture. We talk about this being our place in the discovery.

Aries for them everything can seem as dramatic (in the beginning) as the big bang. They often disappointed in people and may reject them. Aries woman are the biggest rejectors.

Taurus add something in about taste perhaps and the representation of the material. Aries is getting your body in order, than Taurus is about adorning it, decking it out. Wow. Simple. Taurus is associated with material and materializing. Check Hathor

Gemini  just as Aries’s ruler Mars is masculine Taurus planet Venus Feminine, the adolescent is named for the adolescent androgyne god Mercury

Mercury taking the temperature of the room. Nobody can work a room like a Gemini

Nobody can blank a blank like a blank.

Body part. When we lie in savasana and slowly breath in and out we imagine tension leaving our body with each breath down our arms and out through our fingers.

Cancer fountains of feeling, even when they control it down to a trickle…seem to emit nothing more than a trickle.  And or more fully processing their past and present feelings to move onward. Ah but we have to talk about the notorious shadow side but avoid suicide. Myth Isis and Nemisis. Isis whose maternal aid in healing is invoked, is mother of the pharoah, likened to Horus, her son. She is “epitome of maternal devotion” (protecting from Set). Like Themis she is there to ease human suffering.

Isis goddess of magic. This is the mystic moon. Spells of healing.

Mind may play tricks but feelings never lie. Rules the gut intuition, a realm of the mother. The body part ruled breats and gut. Emotional intelligence, this way of operating is akin to mysticism which is inaccessible to the intellect.

They separate themselves from conditioning they are no longer feeling. Flood myth is about Getting Lost. Losing yourself to find yourself.

Leocreativity is not imagination. Creativity is the actual doing of a thing the formation which can only come from a passionate place. From that fixed-fire. We build fires, it is the first thing we do when we enter a house.  Hestia and Artemis.

If you put Leo’s motto I will together with the notion of co-creation with god. There is no such thing as an individual act of creation as we are always co-creating with god. Cancer feelings may move us but Leo passion sustains us. The fifth house rules our passions, that is in terms of their being synonymous with our leisure activities—sports, games, contests, races— Arthurian legend begins, middles and ends with contests. Likewise the etymologically similar Artemis, one of the female archetypes of Leo, whom Homer called “lioness amongst women” is goddess of the chase. Maggie the Cat won an archery context beck in college. Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. The Sun god is on a chariot race all day. The original everyday hero whose godhead is expressed through racing through the sky.

Love affairs love affair with life. This might characterize the nature of the Sun itself

Circle of fire, fires are both influence and protection. God complexed. When we try to create outside the bounds of co-creation with god. That means being the gods instrument here on earth, within the bounds and laws of natural divine order—might for right. Leo’s motto I will is a pledge and a command. But the command must be for the common good—forever employing the golden rule—lest the divine king become a despot, that is the shadow side of the sign.

Go back and add in shadow sides? It is nonetheless jungle law.

Capricornis our higher power. A snapshot of higher power. Capricorn people represent, personify that part of (all) ourselves that is higher power, emphasis on my higher power. The fact is…

I have another day to myself where I don’t have to do much more than write to my heart’s content. It’s all about getting into a nice rhythm. This time of year can be so productive. This time last year, having been sent for a loop in the previous October, which derailed me from writing my daily Blague, I found myself in early February having four months of daily Blague to catch up on. I did manage to do it, miraculously. And since then I’ve stayed ahead of, or not very far from the proverbial game. Speaking of which, apparently there was a very boring Superbowl recently. It’s at times like these I am glad I’m not a lemming. Anyway my brain is blissfully blank this morning so I don’t feel a need to spew. I think I’ll just pick up where I left off in my discussion of the signs, one by one.

I was saying about Virgo: Hephaestus is more acurately the god of the human conscience and he is, like Ganesh, a remover of obstacles. The sign of Virgo rules the digestion which is also a metaphor for said conscience—munching on experience it metes out the nutrients in our life from the detritus. In the sculpting of Pandora, Hepaestus utilizes the best features of each of the goddesses, making her a composite of these. Pandora means “all given.” We see the archetypal roots here of the Virgo male character which can lean toward the Svengali, being (a sometime male-chauvinist) Pygmalion, the Henry Higgins molding his Eliza Doolittle; and we see, too, the roots of the Virgo woman being something of a borrower herself—of all the women in the Zodiac she is most likely to cherry pick elements of style and even personality from other women she admires. It came come as a shock to her friends to see her morphing into them before their eyes. Slowly though she will morph out of being a collection of traits into a unique composition of influences, which is true of all of us to some extent. She will also let herself be Svengali’d (if we can make that a verb) doing little to stop it. Get it?

The Virgo virgin, however, is not that Pandora but rather the goddess Kore (who will become Persephone once Hades-Pluto abducts and drags her into his underworld), the “daughter” and thus the maiden-form of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, coinciding to Virgo’s late-August-early-September time frame which ends the first half of the astrological year, at the Autumnual Equinox that began at Vernal Equinox. Demeter is also called Pandora, but here it means “all giving.” She giveth and she taketh away. That is the power of the Virgo woman, in particular, who makes herself useful in the lives of others but, if unappreciated, she will remove herself, leaving those who’ve come to rely on her lacking. Virgo’s mutable-earth status speaks to substantial change which doesn’t happen in a flash. Virgo reminds us that we are all works in progress and their brand of spirituality is devotional at its core.

Anyway, I need to move on and get some thoughts down on Libra….

The sign of Libra is distinguished by being the only sign in the Zodiac that has an inanimate symbol—all other signs are represented as humans or animals or a combination of both. The word Zodiac means “circle of animals” sharing etymology with the word zoo. There are some straight-forward inferences in regard to Libra’s inanimate symbol Scales and some twisty turny ones as well. For starters, Libra people can be conceptual and they are motivated and edified by their principles. Planet Venus, which rules Taurus on the Earth plane, here rules Libra, the cardinal-air sign. Air symbolizes the invisible world of ideas and also social experience, as e’er the twain shall meet. Names for the goddess of love and beauty, Greek Aphrodite, the planet endows natives of this sign with and aesthetically driven mind and a love a beautiful, starry notions….good I made a start.

I’m half the way through working on these new drafts per sign and, as always, it’s slower going than you think it will be. It’s always bittersweet when you near the mid-point in a process. It feels like a great accomplishment but it is doubly daunting than it was at the very start when you didn’t know how much a slog it might be. And with writing you always trying to trick yourself into doing it as opposed to just wanting to sit down to do it and being able to. That rarely happens to me when there is a chore aspect to it. Today I’ve had the extra coffeee and even a bit of chocolate and I’ve watched a movie all in the name of procrastination and/or inspiration. But can no longer avoid the obvious. Continuing my thoughts about the sign of Libra…

Cardinal (initiatory, directive) -air translates to light, itself a word that has many conceptual meanings. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of light and a slew of abstractions including truth (he cannot tell a lie), reason, order, harmony, balance, music, poetry, prophesy, all of which are very Libran in nature. All things being equal, the Scales speak to order and justice, of course; they also refer to music, there being seven notes to the scales. Libra is sign number seven—light itself is made up of seven colors—and the seventh day of each month is sacred to Apollo, and some scholars put his birthday at October 7, which falls into the sign of Libra. In the previous sign of Virgo we emphasized function and the increase of purity, as symbolized by the virgin; now we are focused more fully on design, especially a design for living…and doing so in harmony.  The symbol of the Scales also recalls a horizon line with sun setting or rising, hours when the evening star Venus is visible, although setting is more fitting. Libra begins at the Autumnal Equinox, when the there is equal day and night; but the equinox also signals a midway point where the nights will be getting longer, the sunset, if you will, of the year.

The literal take on evening is not lost on us here, given Libra’s democratic energy. The sign’s two mottos are I Balance (myself with others) and We Are, both pointing to certain equality, just one of related beautiful principles associated with the en-light-en-ing sign of Libra. People born under the sign have delicate sensibilities and they eschew any so-called ugliness in their lives, which can make them activists for change on the one hand or avoidists who remain in ivory towers on the other. We have cited the character Amelie from the French film of the same name as being a modern Libran archetype as she works as an agent of karma, in a sense, the effect of the cause, retibution, as justice would dictate. Libra is all about leveling the playing field and elevating the social discourse and hopefully the conditions in which we all live. The beautiful notion of democracy derives from the energy of the sign, Apollonian order bringing to mind gleaming column-lined temples or the neo-classic halls of justice which emblemize Western civilization. Apollo is no nature god; like Athena, he is an urban deity, but an even more precious one than she. Many a Apollo myth, like that of he and Daphne or Cassandra, end in him being rejected by the objects of his affection. It would seem that his lofty expectations are too much for the earthy nymphs and even the more rarefied goddesses who still like to get down and dirty, something Apollo doesn’t seem capable of doing. Dickens’ Great Expectations is a retelling of the Apollo myth; Pip forever pining for Estelle to return his affections. Rejection and disappointment are major themes in the life lessons of the Libra man, in particular; while all Libra’s grapple with frustration of experience not being up to snuff or second-rate. For the Libra, who often needs a perfectly clean, ordered environment to work in or who will change hotel rooms or restaurant tables until the vibe or feng shui is just right, there is always the sense that things could be that much better.

I’m actually writing this on February 6 because, as per never, I’m ahead of myself in this. It was actually so warm on Cape Cod yesterday that we drove around with the windows down and went for a long walk without coats. It’s real. That thing spoke last evening. We didn’t watch. Nixonian I hear. I’m waiting until it’s over I have to say. I’m done having my spirit dragged down by the daily news.

So I’m going to continue with thoughts on the Libra and work my way into Scorpio material. Really what I’m doing right now is opening new talks on the subjects. I might end up saying things I’ve said in the past, which is also fine, because the ways into the material are always new; and the same is true for where points connect to one another, on the linear path of the next character, word, phrase, run-on sentence, my favorite kind. Telling anyone to write in short snappy sentences is a learned affectation. It is tantamount in my mind to limiting expression. Anyway, I will be napping today as I awoke at 4 o’clock and I have to last through a dinner date ce soir.

So I was saying about Libra that: For the Libra, who often needs a perfectly clean, ordered environment to work in or who will change hotel rooms or restaurant tables until the vibe or feng shui is just right, there is always the sense that things could be that much more soignée, conceptually, beautifully balanced. For these children of lyric Apollo—the very invention of the word stems from the god’s playing of the lyre—all must be poetry as much as it can be. Deterining whether it is or isn’t is a conceptual exercise, art being a battle of opinions waged against would-be abstract absolutes. Art hangs us in the balance, puts us on the Libra scales. And like works of art themselves, Libra people may divide public opinion. For all their understated elegance, Libras, being defacto personifications of principle, come on strong. On the other hand they can suffer from insecurity and tend to take situations, circumstance experience more personally than others. They can be intense in close relationship in that they were born to partner and naturally bond very deeply, synergy being the subconscious goal, to the point that the relationships itself will take on its own, third-party entity. And we’re back to the myth of Daphne and the other of Apollo’s love objects, male and female, who rebuked him whereupon he turned them into trees. He cursed his priestess Cassandra by giving her a certain gift prophecy, an aspect of his divine domain, which, paradoxically, nobody would heed or believe.

In the history of the pantheon, Apollo is not an early arrival. Scholars note that much of his artsy estate originally belonged to Aphrodite/Venus, namesake of the sign’s planet ruler. The second half of the Zodiac begins rather ironically. The so-called opposite sign of Aries (self) to Libra (other), Aries is a masculine sign fittingly ruled by Mars, followed by feminine Taurus ruled by female Venus. The second half of the Zodiac begins with Libra a masculine sign ruled by Venus, followed by Scorpio, a feminine sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. And so these feminine attributes of beauty, grace, love are conceptualized via the masculine, mental air sign of Libra into sexless starry notions. Apollo is not warm and cozy, and, despite his gleaming perfections, he is not his father Zeus’ inheritor—in fact Zeus fears Apollo will overthrow him. Thus Apollo is akin to another light bringer, Lucifer or Luke Skywalker (a rather parapetic interpretation of the cardinal-air insignation of the sign!). Apollo’s introduction to the pantheon coincided, too, with the ideal (a very Libran word) of the love between males being a higher form of love than the heterosexual variety in keeping with a cultural shift that now favored patriarchy, particularly in Athens, as opposed to feminist Sparta, where women had far fewer rights.

Libra women might have metaphysically inherited an axe to grind on that score. They are as reclaimers and proponents of latent female power….

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