An Unsealed Letter is the symbol, today, final day of Leo, at 30°, ruled, in a twelve-fold sequence by the sign of Virgo. I think of the shift from Leo to Virgo as being akin to the sociological, historical, literate shift from the theme of Divine Right (of monarchs) to that of the Everyman. And, indeed, an unsealed letter symbolizes the fact that all divine messaging is open and to be read by all, not by a select elite. It’s doubly important given the fact that tomorrow begins the first day of Virgo and these themes, now ruminescent, will come to bear. It’s time to put the pure energy of creation into doing, and the opportunity to do so must be available to all.

I intended this Blague venture to be a combination of things. And I’ve become stuck in exploring the Sabian Symbols. I have made my piece with thinking that, next year, I will print (what will be) last year’s posts as side bars as I embark on more personally resonant exploration of the energies endemic in each degree of the zodiac. Meanwhile, I must admit, and I might make it a practice, that I could just stop exploring the Sabian Symbols at this point and start being more personally expressive. I mean, the thing is, I have a great deal of writing I must do for performance and otherwise, and this was meant to be something of a vehicle for that content. Then I got locked into some kind of self-imposed agenda where these symbols are concerned; although, again, I stress, I have learned quite a lot.

As this is the last day of Leo, I might (try to) make the transition starting tomorrow, to just state what the symbol is, offering a thought or two, and then get on with whatever is on my own mind. Let’s see how that goes. After all, today’s image is about our personal thoughts actually having universal appeal, which is why, I suppose, I got on this rant.

“What any man thinks and deeply realizes becomes the property of all men,” says the scholar of these symbols. I subscribe to this notion, because, as you may have encountered, if you don’t record or document your funny or deep or resonant ideas, within no time at all you’ll hear them come out of somebody else’s mind and mouth. That’s one of the biggest cosmic blagues of all. Enjoy your last hours of Leo for tomorrow it gets real with Virgo.

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