Sagittarius 13° (December 5)


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Now if If Aries is self and Taurus other than Gemini is interaction. If Aries is big-bang creation and Taurus Eden the Gemini is the Fall resulting from consciousness—the sign’s motto is I Think—duality knowledge of good and evil, right wrong, mortality-immortality. Gemini is mutable air, the buzzy electric ether of thoughts and information.

Mercury, named for the buzzy, eternally adolescent street-wise god of commerce and communication rules the sign. He is the messenger, the word of god, the logos. Yet he’s a trickster and psychopomp, one who travels freely from the heights of heaven to the depths of Hades. Just like our minds. Right. Gemini people can be the most vivid mixed messengers. But we all create our own heaven or hell via our thoughts and speech.

Try, try to go an hour, let alone a day without saying or thinking anything negative. Our thoughts must be in service to us not the other way around. Mercury is god of the literal crossroads namesake markets and merchants—once we take stock of our talents, what we have, we do want to take them to market. But it’s a dualistic world.

Mercury also rules petty thieves, deal-makers, buskers, artful dodgers, streetwalkers and of the figurative crossroads—our choices, our messaging. Gemini rules our breath and nerves, neural pathways and pathologies. How we’re wired in childhood, adolesence, the dominion of the third house along with our immediate surroundings. Our vibe. How we interract. I think Thought. It is both gift and a curse.


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