Scorpio 14° (November 6)


Into Boston today, pretty relaxing, dropped a script off in Orleans. We called and the hotel is ready for us. Had a lunch at Pho and then I tried to make some magic but forces didn’t have my back (or maybe they did). Assign photos to ten or so Blagues at a time (after the first year) as I read through. Starting with the astrological year. Make the new one further commentary on the first one that appeared on that day. Copy and paste the old one right there into the new spot with a daily foreward. A Year of Revisiting. Easy Peasy and a good way to save time. Because also in that day, one is continuing to “read through”. I have to float through desires that are more hedonistic and start getting my Eudomonia on. “An idea for a short story.” Anyway we had a client, I called out a name. It didn’t register. Than text later that it did. Dinner at the bar at Uni and another client and partner came in. We are seeing her in two days. I have to get some words on paper for Afterglow grant so I’m hijacking today’s Blague. I did think I saw someone I know go into Pho. I had springs (it won’t be the last time this week) and a noodley broth thing. Some days I feel very Irish.

 Ours is a thoughtfully crafted marketing plan with savvy strategies for public relations and both social media and print promotion. In addition to listing shows and ticket links, the Afterglow Festival website features a concierge service promoting Provincetown’s restaurants and lounges, hotels and inns, shops and services, the arts and events. Our surgical PR-marketing efforts have secured highly visible TV, radio and print coverage. (PBS WGBH, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, others) Besides editorial, broadcast, we utilize promotional events, print posters and postcards, proliferate e-blasts, newsletters, web campaigns, and employ social and other new media. We also use vehicle advertising, and launch successful yearly direct-mail campaigns. We cross-promote with Dixon Place, LaMama and The Public Theater in NYC; and with The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge; and UnCabaret in L.A. Our frequent presence in NYC and Boston, donating time and energy in-kind to Afterglow, has been a large part of our receiving press coverage in those markets, in particular.

 Our focus is always on revisitation and are proud of the fact that many regular festival goers return year on year. In fact there is a community of well-healed supporters who not only donate to the festival, but attend each year (on sponsor passes) and make “Afterglow week” in September their yearly pilgrimage to Provincetown. Eight-five percent of our full audience comes from off-Cape Cod. We print programs touting our sponsors, but fail to afford advertising. Our celebrated branding includes a classy, bold logo, identity and collateral and eye-catching posters. We hope advertising will be a new line of offense; with support from PR, shifting more to the national and international level. The impact of local coverage is arguable, while social media among local people and businesses is impactful. We launched a Playbill-Instagram initiative, via a photoblog led by our participating artists.

We’ve had coverage from the Boston Globe (circulation 232,432 daily) Huffington Post ( 4-11 million readers, daily) New York Magazine (circulation: 600K ); Media targets include The New York Times, (1,150,589 weekday; 1,645,152 Sunday, Online: 30 million/month););, the Daily Beast (3-10 million daily);; (600,000 daily). Travel, in-flight and arts magazines. Web support includes,,,,,, Ads would appear in Provincetown Magazine, Provincetown Banner, Cape Cod Times, Boston Globe; Providence Phoenix (80K); Time Out NY (86K); Boston Magazine (92K) , others.         



To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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