Aquarius 29° Pisces 0° (February 18)


So we just sit here and wait. I mean, what the hell, really: I haven’t had too much a dry spell. I’ve been representin’. I give myself a solid B this year for the Blague. Not my best and nearly half a year needing to be caught up on, but here we are closing in, and I’m opague. The Pisces man is always in some way a mystic. He is like Poseidon the essence of the primordial soup, where the mystical soul level foams and bubbles before taking form. Pisces is the mutable-Earth sign. When one imagines Posiedon (Roman: Neptune, the namesake of Pisces planetary ruler) arising furiously—he had a temper, tempests raging within him—from the sea, we see his face and form sketched in foam.

…and so I’m writing poetically on the signs, and spontaneously as that; isn’t that marvelous. I love the word marvelous though I cannot bring myself to marvy. Marvy, baby. It was marvelous when, just moments ago, I found paper in a book for which I was searching. This is always a good feeling and omen. Just when you start thinking of the touchstone of a thoughtform you knew you put somewhere—but where? And resign yourself to knowing it will show up in time. And that same day you happen upon it. It’s fun.

The zodiacal scholar, metaphysician, astrologist adviser, sometime psychic all around vibey dude.

 William Leone began his journalistic career in Paris in 1986 working as an editorial assistant at Passion magazine; in 1987 he joined Avenue magazine as an assitant editor, reporting for their tabloid On The Avenue.

The real story is that I was an intern at Passion for exactly one day before, because they heard me speaking French on the phone, making me office manager. I had just moved around the circular corner from their rue Pont Neuf offices to a chambre de bonne, on rue des Halles. I cannot tell you how happy I was at that particular juncture in my life; and that is why I am spending the remainder of my days, collage like into place.


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