It’s been about five months since I last posted here, which is fine, as it was becoming more of a habit read: compulsion. So the break has been good. And I suppose I’ve been subconsciously waiting for impetus to post again. Today I’m meant to be focussing on a project but I am procrastinating, or rather, as I like to call it, productivating—doing something worthwhile instead of the task listed on my to-do list. But I feel I need to write my way into that project and besides something did occur a few days ago that felt like a shift on an unseen level.

It was November 4 and quite cold out. I was running errands in Boston after producing a show in Cambridge the evening before. I got into the car and Stella, knowing that I can freak out about “bugs” (though I can’t kill a fly—going out of my way to shoo them out a door), quietly said: So not a big deal and you can pull the car over, but there is a grass hopper on your arm. Great. Now, even in that moment I knew it was a benign presence—not like a tarantuala or anything—but still I wanted it off me fairly readily and did pull over and calmly exited the car and shook out my jacet whereupon a white-ish grasshopper lept for a safe landing.  I hope it was safe in any case.

So if you were to Google grasshopper symbolism you will discover what I’ve discovered, which is how this is all about good fortune, glad tidings, longevity/immortality, nobility, abundance, forward moving and thinking. It’s about intuition and heeding inner voices. Its appeal to artists is highlighted as it sings and dances, you might say. And it symbolizes connection with our Muse. I’m down for that. Apparently the grasshopper choses innovators, a tribe among which I count myself, for better or for worse (signs show that imitators are more well-heeled than innovators, generally speaking). But its all about feeling your way forward and allowing for good news, if not being it.

We think of turning a corner in life but really the corner turns us. We can stay pinioned to the past or we can leap forward, visualizing with our antennae, which can reveal far more keenly than that which our eyes can see. We cannot become stagnant. Momentum can be momentous, if we go moment to moment. The future is now…now…now. The past is a shadow of nostalgia and regret and it’s gone. It’s a singular journey, which is most challenging for someone who tends to champion others. For me, I’m afraid, this is truly over. Self-propulsion is now what’s called for.


Here‘s the Sabian Symbol reading, from last year,  for this date