Sagittarius 9° (December 1)

Some tearful voicemail leavings. I had to spend hours figuring out how to keep my credit from being affected by overdue bills that were still being addressed to an email not under my supervision. Trying to clean up the house a bit and start a more functional regime. All I will eat today is some leftover cucumber, feta and tomato salad. Not the healthiest day, mentally, maybe.  I’m keeping on my Paris theme.

Cafés/Wine Bar (other than Nouvelle Mairee)

Le Petit Fer Au Cheval. rue Vielle du Temple in the Marais. It looks like nothing. I always have lunch solo in the back. Great Plat du Jour. Or sit at the tiny bar and order the cheese and charcuterie plate which is enough for four (but I’ve also polished off myself). It’s a bit unkempt with a horrid toilet. But the real deal.

Le Pick Clops. Maris also on rue Vielle du Temple. It’s a holdover from the eighties (kind of kitsch Americana in style). Still I find it very neighborhoody and authentic since it’s been here foreover. Open till 2am.

Le Rubis. It can be intimidating both in terms of the space and the food but it is worth pushing through anxiety and claustrophobia as this place hasn’t changed in an age. Great for a rustic lunch not for the faint of heart. If the downstairs is full, the barman will expose a sort of secret door and stairway up to “à l’étage” to a small room of tables. It is very meaty (lots of sausage, pig trotters and such served on lentils for instance) but really so delicious. Stuffed cabbage, herring salad. Amazing wine (despite its ancient look it is noted as a genuinely lauded contemporary wine bar!). You can also hang outside for drinks and use the barrels on the street as tables. rue du Marché St-Honore in the 1e. (After a stroll in the Tuilleries!).

If choosing between Les Deux Magots and Café Flore you should do the latter. But both have become kind of tourist traps where the servers put French people in one area and the rest of us in another. I go here on “French Day” when I pretend to decided frogginess!

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