Leo 1° (July 22)


I needed to break up what would typically be yesterday’s post into two parts, for starters, only because so much activity is being packed into such a short amount of time. So dinner last night was langoustines with three delicious tortellini in some kind of creamy sauce, paired with a rosé from Bandol which many were drinking at cocktail hour. Divine. We had a sort of apricot pancake for dessert and then all (minus D.) hopped in the tender for Hydra the main port of which was a good fifteen minute ride through choppy water with lots of spray. The town was bustling and a combo platter of rich Athenians, French, and Americans as the main thrusts. I heard the word photo shoot. There was a Brooks Brothers. Three Getty looking American women dressed in similar looking frocks were eating in one of the many restaurants set side by side in the port which reminded me of San Tropez in the olden days. We decided to meet back at one of these places and all set off in different directions, K. remaining with us as we climed the steepish hilltown from the port. Just like the walks up to the acropolis the streets here are made of marble and all I can think about is how people aspire to have these as countertops and backplashes and here marble is like large cobblestone and, again, polished by countless footsteps and very slippery. There are cats everywhere. And though they are feral they are not fearful nor aggressive, presumably living off scraps people constantly feed them; and K. was making sure to touch each and every one of them despite her allergies.

Though it was ten o’clock, people were just sitting down to eat in the squares; and as we climbed further, making more residential forays, we could hear the clink and scrape of people just finishing their meals and doing the washing up. As in our climb we saw no “side streets” to zig-zag through, we decided to descend and veer off down when we can, stumbling upon some cozy bars and restaurants and shops, back down to the port. Though we were half an hour early for our rendezvous time we noticed everyone else was already at the meeting place and so we sat down and had some bottled water and I had a ginger beer, which I allowed to linger in and pleasantly burn my now very sore, scratchy throat. S. looked down and noticed that one of our party had a bag with the name of that jewelry designer on it—he had bought a mug depicting a cat, a Hydra theme, for his mother. And he pointed out where to go and N., J., K., S. and the dog and I headed to the shop to find the owner there along with a dashing metrosexual colleague still open and making sales. S. introduced herself. There were astrological pieces in the collection, nothing too elaborate, just discs with signs on some simple colored rope bracelets, and then some more worked charm bracelets on theme. The rest recalled all the themes we had seen in our two days at Delphi and in Athens, with our cultural guides. The designer was born and raised in Hydra and thus was very entitled to these particular motifs that had emerged in our tours of sites and museums—the one-eyed pieces, the violin shaped (female) figures), certain tear drop shapes and those that recalled the omphalos and so on. S. ended up being gifted with something while N. and I took one more short stroll to “empty the dog.” Then back on the tender apparently it was so clear some of us saw the Milky Way which I missed but I’ll be looking for that and other bright lights in the coming days.

Back on the boat the hosts went to bed and the guests stayed up. I had some cognac which I thought would ease the pain in my throat and also help me digest and sleep. Others continued on with wine. We had a few more laughs then set off to sleep, which was fitful for me. Obviously I’m fighting some infection and I now can’t take more than a few breaths without coughing. And the horizontal crossing, with a prevailingly strong north wind, made for a very bumpy ride in the night to Mykonos where we this morning arrived. After bouncing around the cabin for several hours from around five to eight, I went down to fetch myself some paracetamol and some throat losenges, then returned to bed to, well, I won’t say sleep but rather serial-doze which gave rise to a chain of dreamy vignettes of the fevery kind. I wasn’t so much snoring or wheezing apparently but more like whimpering in my sleep as a result of whatever this is that ails me. Feeling better in the day when I’m vertical and in the sunshine I was anxious to arise. I had a little breakfast of fruit, a chocolate crepe and one piece of bread with cashew butter. And now I’m sitting, again, on the top deck and it is extremely windy. J. came up to read then departed ere long. I have a bit of work to do—final checks of posters and post cards for the festival—and I will begin to piece together some ideas on the sample chapter today. Including today there are eleven days of absolute holiday bliss to be had and I’m certainly not going to let work get in the way. That said I do what to leave here with an idea in my head about what needs doing; then I will spend the next five weeks dividing my time between polishing the sample and getting in cash for festival. I have to keep hitting these goals quite hard but I have to say I am far less interested in my American life and am worlds more focused on making the next twenty years and lovely and fruitful (in equal measure) as they can be.

I approved the web and print versions of the smaller posters for the festival and await the large ones, along with the post card to give final approval. Then I will be able to send them to all the artists and give them links for their on sale tickets and all of that. I will just send the larger tickets page for Afterglow and the Art House, respectively. Next thing I need do is….woops I’m being whisked off, more later….


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.

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