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Well, I’ve finally made my way out of Cancer into Leo, for reals. Only ten days late but who is counting. At our new Glow Festival this past weekend in Cambridge, we had the pleasure of putting on Tammy Faye Starlite who channels Nico in her show Nico: Evening of Light. I expected it to be good but not being a huge fan of any kind of tribute shows I wasn’t expecting to love it more than Dixie Riddle Cups, but I did. The show began and then Tammy took a great long time to come to the stage, which I thought was funny (I was the only one actually laughing) and chalked it up to a choice to make Nico’s first impression someone who is late, probably, because she’s shooting up somewhere. When Tammy-Nico did finally take the stage she did so with a handbag which also made me laugh hysterically, but, again, pretty much on my own. But then she surprised us by saying that the first song was by John Cage…and then for the next hour and fifteen minutes she channeled that disaffected diva, pausing and punchlining her way through patter that punctuated a perfectly chosen roster of songs.

She was next to discuss Judy Collins who was a festival theme. It was such a relaxing show because the character of Nico is so subdued, however the performer was fully energized fueling the nonplussed personal she occupied. It wasn’t imitation but an intimation of Nico’s reality. I just loved it. Although it was something of a disjointed day. Stella hadn’t been well the night before. I was out until one and a bit bleary eyed. I slept late which always puts me off my mettle being the keeper of farmers hours that I am. I went for quite a long walk to the river and snaked my way back through the streets of Cambridge, flirting with Central and Inman squares alternatively. I was on the look out for some remnants of bohemia but all I found were beer joints and deniens toting whole foods shopping bags. The old holdout venues only made Cambridge seem a bit like a theme-park on the once liberal bastion of poltical leftness. Now it was becoming a strip mall of sorts, with expensive townhouses on either side.

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