Aquarius 12° (February 1) 116


I was watching a Tony Bourdain “Parts Unknown” on CNN. It was an episode about Southern Italy, the heel, and Asia Argento (his now girlfriend, which is great) and he explored the region. First off, of all the couples in the world I’d like to hang with, I put those two at the top of the list along with Charlotte Gainsbourg and her filmmaker husband, Yvan Attal. But I digress. It got me wondering again about my roots, something I do need to explore. In some ways I feel worse than an orphan. I haven’t a clue about a single ancester. None of my four grandparents, only two of whom I grew up with, ever uttered a word about the past. What was wrong with these people. And now, as a childless child, I feel rather disconnected leading in altnerate directions.


I’m guessing for the most part that where my Italian relatives derive from are not the nicest places on the boot. I don’t know that for a fact, but I just have the same icky feeling I had visiting my relatives in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, with their plastic covered furniture and carpets threaded with plastic runners in rooms we weren’t allowed to enter.


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