Aries 7°

As the daffodils and crocuses try to push through the early Spring landscape, we see the Aries energy of new life fighting to be birthed. It’s a good time to start new projects or to do things you already do in a new fashion.

I’m in the planning stages of the Afterglow Festival that I put on every September in Provincetown. This year we will be staging the festival and a new venue for us.

I am also starting a spanking new Glow Festival for Cambridge, Massachusetts, for July of this year. So I embrace the spearheading energy of Aries and am going to do as much as I can in the initiation of this new project while still in the sign that will comsically assist best in this!

Come to think of it I have at least half a dozen new projects, or renewed ones, like this Blage. Aries, like all the cardinal signs, is great with initiation, ignition; but it’s not the best energy when it comes to follow-through. But there’s a way to work it. It isn’t productive to try and make an energy something it’s not. It’s best to take your cues from the energy and act accordingly.

Maybe you too have a bunch of new things you’re putting into works. Great. Don’t think about completion only focus on the start. Aries loves the beginning of things. This is your time to frame and outline all the myriad things you’d like to do, rather than to go to deep into any one thing. Surely there are existing projects you’re already deep into. But don’t try to rush the works on something newly started.

As I write this I’ve taken a quick break from sorting through all the myriad to-do lists on paper and saved on my computer, pasting what I can onto my four walls like a detective piecing together envidence on how to solve a crime. It’s kind of fun to move slightly beyond the process of those myraid to-dos, but not quite yet into the doing. It creates a multiplicity of bite size tasks that an overactive mind like myself can be overwhelmed by when the flood  my mind en masse. When that happens I typically take my drug of choice—Netflix—and try to clear my crowded noggin.

I find printing out all the electronic lists, making them physical, is in keeping with Aries love of the actual. Those daffodils outside aren’t rushing through their process of blooming. Typically waiting for Taurus, the estate of the nymphs and flower gods, to enjoy that full expression. We’re not at that stage. It’s no easy task for any shoot to work it’s way through frozen soil and stones to pop out head first. Success of this sort (is there any other?) is achieved by degrees. And we’re only seven degrees into the first sign of Aries. So slow it down! Being throrough is the accumlation of baby steps.


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