Ten Logs Lie Under An Archway Leading To Darker Woods is the Sabian Symbol du jour at 6° Capricorn, ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence. And just as that sign is the final one in the zodiac, so too does this image point to a sort of completion. Here we find ourselves at a threshold, the Archway, where we have the fuel, I imagine, of faith: Logs will keep the fire burning during the dark winter ahead, just as faith will keep our spirit alive during our metaphorical dark nights of the soul. And yet there is a deeper darkness still that we may explore, or resist doing so. In those woods, though, are the making of more fuel for further exploration of our soul.

The combination of Capricorn faith with Pisces belief points to a directive introspection. It isn’t accidental. Capricorn does nothing accidentally. The sign’s motto “I use” here points to the utilization of even ones dark moments, whether they be melancholy or loneliness or deprivation. This always provides a threshold onto deeper understanding. It is during or after a dark night of the soul that we are purified in the fire of our being, which is kindled by trial and tribulation. Capricorn uses negative experience and conditions to deepen awareness, on one hand, and to spiritually ascend on the other. Pisces places emphasis on the later, dissolving fear which is the opposite of said faith.

The number ten is also one of completion, our system being based on that round digit. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and is associated with many things including those famed Commandments—Moses’ tabernacle was built out of Goat hair. Goats always brought wisdom and in Greek mythology goat gods were culture gods, though also associated with melancholy and the wailing, for instance of Pan, meaning All. The notion of the scapegoat sees the sins of all being heaped upon him/her to be ushered out of our experience. In this sense, the threshold might open onto the wilderness where said goat and sins will go to lighten our collective load, just as it is an entrance onto inner journeying, which might be one and the same.

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