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Tuesday. Two clients today. One can get a lot done in three hours I’ve been there I know. I was talking about Leo the fixed sign signifying consolidation and protection of feelings in the will determination emotions into a strong defense against the world of fear and barbarism. Leo is a fortress Camelot armed to the teeth with pride he acts the part of ancient sun King rot in the post diluvian age of miracles post diluvian we like post diluvian how man times can I say post diluvian I wonder.  Here is some more thoughts on the Leo.

Less is more Lions mane proof of masculinity naturally rugged manner and style soap disposable razor equals personal grooming naturals Robert Redford Sean Penn De Niro Woody Harrelson Unshowy jeans Blazers if not hemp. These men are private in the extreme exposing another misconception But he longs for the spotlight on a global scale. But since youth he’s always considered himself a star no matter what he does so it doesn’t need proof of it on a grand scale he expects people will be drawn to him and from that he selects those he deems worthy Arthur fills his round table with the best and brightest Shakespeare’s Henry mustard a shoe falstaff Robert Redford his fostering the best of film makers with his aptly named Sundance who’s your daddy approach to women. He projects health vitality he can’t help but exude florid radiance a Thomas eakins come to life can never escape his sunny planetary ruler try as he made to slink into a corner always attracting attention From male and female admirers he has a palpable presence supernatural bearing complete comfort with self physical easy easy to envy wholesome well proportioned body equally strong connected rope like muscles one continual flow head down to wide steady feet principle of completion Is symbolized by the sun First and foremost self contained possessed of his faculties firing on all metaphysical levels physical to spiritual he appears on the surface to have no disabilities or just functional behaviors nothing in his body language suggests weakness or dis ease he seldom leans or shuffles or shifts his weight rather stand square entire self held in place

207 archetype sun God helios paternal love and responsibility distant call dapon by son Drive chariot fatal fall helios with Elias the father for whom Jesus calls out on the cross RA the sun God from whom every Royal pharaoh is descended the great cat the Zodiacs expected praise


Like all fixed signs he is come hither for him laid back physicality candid expected look on his face mistaken for an open quality of an outgoing personality when in truth he’s anything but extroverted most people don’t hold much interest for him. He’s blatantly nonchalant a glowing presence coupled with arms length insouciance this is the seat of his charisma . Like son who radiates heat vitality power authority others are prevented from getting too close. Suits him fine male friendships few to none save for the one Queen or boy Prince maniacally monogomous forever expecting to meet makes no room in his life for close relationships delighted to go through daily routine solo happening upon people a slew of acquaintances avoiding the bother of investing himself emotionally. To 99% of population He is untouchable unattainable. People get burned by him his sunny looks belie ferocious smug personality being snubbed or scorned by him go to pet a tabby in its Garfield

as beef its Golden Boy status coloring is orick and Ruddy flushed blotchy blonde red hair even when Latin African Rather flushed . Thickly tousled locks coarse straw like texture low hairline weather face wrinkled kisser welcoming lafflines temples bushy browed dry skin Sunburning freckling careful against moles in cancers . Best way to spot him is the sheer size and symmetry of his head and facial features big headedness metaphoric as well. Close up one wonders what seemed so warm and welcoming there is a decided edge to his mien.

Page 208 Bible book of Kings post to livian Echoes Arthur divine authorship authority by virtue of Excalibur might for right Mark Twain arthuro ducks one who saws attracting nights recruiting lads magnetic figure to whom others naturally defer

laugh lines narrow and fix hard to get him to crack a smile ample lips tightly pursed into a pucker reluctant to express pleasure winning is smiles reserved for momentously pleasing occasions even when he does offer a dog it grin Smiling at people rather on them we find ourselves court jesters at times

naturally fit fat phobic body fascism sexual partners. Blessed as he is with undisputably masculine physique he’s confident enough neither too accentuate D emphasize it an aversion to anything artificial means cotton and wool preppy Brooks brothers polo Lacoste made to measure V shaped torso forgoes ironing for the clean crumpled look. Pectoral muscles her perfect chest well defined rarely the battle of the bulge flat middle meaty big boned hard mass thick skin not fat powerful legs never a gym rat with pumped up top and reedy legs equal distribution Oversized hands feet solid grounded . Is package not lacking in that Department not overly hung but thick. cajones too are outsized creative power, the virility resides in relaxed low hangers. Goodly body hair, symmetrical, blundoish. Not hirsuit in extreme. Pubic area may be sparse I now disagree and wiry rather than dense triling to buttex inner thigh. These areas rarely glimpsed. Not spirting speedo. Full length trousers, button down shirt in August


He can hold out for sex long. Can be valiant to do without. Until someone worthy comes along. He sees himself as sacred king RWT. Can’t consort with just anyone. Sex is sacrosanct, heart must be in it. 2nd Quadrant Emotion means mystical significance of his organ, power in its purity. He operates from this chakra.. The heart, beating with tribal rhythm, ststainment the fixedness of life. Leo is one and same with this organ, followers inclination of hiw own, bent on being true to deires, keeping pure but never settling for 2nd best.  Amour proper comes before others. Until a queen (ahem) arrives. Often married childhood sweetheart. Otherwise works through string of ladies, holding a contest for himself. RWT to other aspects of life, gauging 5th house courage and devotion. Someone who will buy into superiority trip with him. Power couple others genuflect

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And we’re back Leo fixed fire losing the spotlight no matter how localized place in the sun Will lure potential lovers

Never on the make revels in watching women throw themselves at him the one where he makes love connection Approaching dating as entertaining that is considering various female consorts for his affection Native of the 5th astrological House of sports and games happiest when the competition for him really heats up this race for him is a spectator sport he is resplendent in the role of first prize once a woman at once strong and feeling autonomous yet fiercely loyal haughty diva and public vulnerable girl in private not so we might overpower her but rather please protect and come to her emotional rescue. Drawn to women who lacked father love ladies with the tough exterior hiding an ultra tender aching heart the male Goldilocks has a tough time finding that woman who is just right that is not so needy or so strong to be ballbusting


despite Noble intentions habit of putting made it through the mill makes him a Royal pain in the *** he runs hot and cold testing a woman’s emotional stamina he expects her to be Jayne on the spot he toys with her affection Even if disinterested. Little sadistic streak stringing along bimbettes call it again cat mouse . He kicks back and watches females jockey for his affection If in more malicious mode will invite interest for the opportunity to re buffet. Telegraph’s on we so harm have received an arrow on a talk show doing others a huge favor bratty. He sours on women who continued to make themselves too obviously available ironically.

211 Lions yawn It is the powerful woman in her own right that captures him he won’t succumb to the pushiest female like tourists. He seeks a forcefully feminine partner who demands to be wooed in such a way that benefits a Queen He looks for a woman who deserves him who better than one to be deserved by him . His rightful mate. Life in absolute terms people are either good or bad winners or losers. A woman is either right or wrong for him. No Gray area. Relationships are all or nothing. He never settles for anything approaching a compromise.

Father figure to women. Someone to adore. The original social distance are. What he really wants all along is to be called on the carpet and delivered an ultimatum. He can be a tyrant with others but must treat her like gold champion and protector she’ll never again suffer slings and arrows. A woman’s haughty imperiousness is an aphrodisiac.

212 once an earthy woman of substance a regal peasant counterpart to his picaresque hero. Noblesse primitive. Guinevere to Arthur Cleopatra to Caesar. Like a lion in nature meets with the Alpha female of the pride physical strength symmetrical perfection Literal wholesomeness signalling health and beauty in the animal Kingdom. Drawn to dark slow eyed women Sultry sensuality sturdy full figured frame. He is a fat phobe but likes curves hourglass. The sun personified once a fertile earth mother. Shower his procreative power. Never feels a woman would be too much for him. Middle Eastern Latin Mediterranean Indian African. Darker the Berry sweeter the juice. Lands of the native lion Chieftain Kings primitive customs.

Life with this Noble Savage has brutal moments little simbiosys generally on his own path in the course of his day like helios unwilling to deviate life is ritual sacrament doesn’t function on fleeting feelings but heartfelt interests personal bonds are few he must keep fires going increasing them into passions 5th housed drama of the ritual sort theater and religion being one of the same it’s all the passion play daily routine imbued with symbolic import kotin existence reinforces his role as a solemn presence on earth just as ceremonies surrounding a sacred priest King is meant to reinforce the unseen power of divine sovereignty you can’t spring any plans on the Leo and what what is to his mate if she questions how he spends his time


not only most monogamists male but looking at foreign goods is as bad as fondling them prides himself on loyalty. When unhappy in marriage he may grin and bear it rather than admit defeat. He’s not want to seek sex but will let love find him if he falls in love he’ll head into the sunset when he goes he’s gone. He can be hateful. If he is the one left in the lurch he has the hardest time recovering. Sulking for years. Only let the most loving subjects into a circle of trust like in meet the parents doesn’t see covenants easily broken

Sex should be natural occurrence as it is for animals drumroll if not fanfare when he finally unzips his fly . The act of sex is a big deal and it’s a turnoff if a lover doesn’t share this height and dramatic perspective he hopes the experience is of great magnitude in her life . She shouldn’t be too seasoned Arthur expects guinevere to be pure.


He is the final word on everything striking inability to view moral questions subjectively Let alone irony. Sex must never be sleazily favorite flavor is vanilla prides himself on no perversions he is a righteous cat. Attracts by embodying Noble intentions invites certain corruption For those who get off on seeing his rectitude slip. Inclination toward dominance in role play partner submissive can have a sadistic streak ruling with a firm hand those he loves and cherishes but mainly not a kinky bone in his body not as fixated on the physical aspect of sex as men of the first quadrant. Nothing if not intensely passionate marathon lovemaking sessions playful kissing spooning holding rolling around a bit rough and tumble taken slowly if not lazily 5th House of love affairs every time should feel like the first time even married for decades the bedroom is the sacred space


sex with studymate is like a sweet tryst from our past others might find it bland guenevere did cheat on him with the French guy read oral a lover could play the hootchy kootchy courtesan.

getting him to release the beast whole days crumbling the sheets full day of sex on the weekend. Ability to maintain an erection. Natural rhythm multi orgasmic elevating simple acts kissing no bells and whistles sexual healing. Playing with his testicles fingernails clawing his back posterior scalp neck he never tires of the same program every day is a new day light BMD

216 she is on her knees to her King in service delivering dramatic discourses on his prowess and magnificents more elaborate fantasies include French maids outfit cliche he may fancy retaining complete control remaining clothed while she pleasures herself tying her up using her at will some sort of captured wild woman Cavewoman. shiba dominating a fierce ***** taming shrew he doesn’t discuss sex outside of the relationship sheltered in above all


disallowed any self loathing regarding homosexuality at home in locker room with straight bodies sneaking peeks less than hetero guys do. Outer Crowder no parades unless he’s grand marshal poster boy for normal wholesome natural in the bling homosexuality gay King flexes muscles worthy of power leading a normal life looking straight serves other purpose attracts female friends who make up this adoring fanbase drops hints about his past straight exploits male friends or straight too puts male friends face through trials by fire one is forbidden To express opinion about his choice in lovers however

218lover out of character goes for straight D tricky types slumming it loste male orphan

guys his own age guy from a similar background school socioeconomic sphere but less less sunny more shadowside straight goes for Becky Thatcher OK goes for huck Finn **** him shower affection healing in truth a dearth of sexual experimentation Could derail his relationships

219 God complex appeals to someone seeking patronage his lover might simply have his eye on the perks but bonbon eaters beware the lion Must at least believe his lover has an ambition He is the most jealous man hottest temper

three Suns out of the question He is an exhibitionist believes his lovemaking so authentic and passionate wants to share it with the world deep kissing body contact let himself be blown His lover assumes his fatherly friend would drag his daddy act into the bedroom even on the receiving end not one to engage in Funk fest’s **** penetration expression of passion Sharing of emotion is static aspect of sex

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 511-515. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.


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