Virgo 28° (September 19)

Day Thirty Seven E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Pasta w/ Anchovy, Tomato. Good for me for staying home apparently. We have stumbled upon a gem today; jokes written for Steve Carey to deliver as Phyliss Diller at Ryan Landry and Scott Martinez wedding. 

I wouldn’t want to get on ryans bad side but I see no alternative as he doesn’t have a good one or I see no alternative does he have a good one 

I’m not saying Ryan’s cheap but he does something out and he does something his depends some seriously people think of Ryan as tight fisted but that wasn’t my experience and I was wearing oven mitts OK that makes no sense 

Now I’m not being fair not giving equal time to Ryan spouse what can I say about skadi nothing.

Actually that’s not true there have been rumors of drug use but I know Scotty that’s impossible Ryan only gives you enough allowance for milk money 

Everyone knows Brian and Scotty have three lap dogs one of which has true theatrical talent but I always forget which one Ali Debbie or somebody else 

Fluffy that was it 

Provincetown recently celebrated another celebrated or wedding jenn and eve would you stand up please take a good look at a real couple that’s terrible Ryan is so controlling the gold dust orphans can’t even keep there trick money Ryan calls everyone Mary that’s what comes from thinking you’re Jesus that was that got line got on the show Ryan hates the phone and especially hates to text oh but he loves to subtext the blah blah blah of blah blah blah I think it’s unfair to say Ryan doesn’t have an original idea in his head but he is now working on mine camp his personal memoirs mine camp 

I think I need to smoke something. That oral fixation rearing it’s head. If you’re reading this and tempted to make a joke I promise you it won’t be funny. Sometimes I like taking photographs of some of these old pieces of paper because they’re just so telling about the time and space mentally one was in also emotionally sometimes you can feel the hope sometimes you can feel the desperation sometimes you cringe because it just seems so delusional artistically but um you know I have gone through great many number of papers these past months doing during this process and I gotta tell you it’s not easy but here I really AM on Boxing Day three months later and I’m still going through the papers and it still hurts to read all of it and yeah it’s incredibly difficult but it has to be done and processed and you know people do have to move on and jackie’s note to me today Boxing Day again that is was incredible because I suddenly felt like if I want to join a family for a holiday next time maybe I could but we shall see what we shall see I I definitely don’t like being on the outs with folks that’s for sure hum and far more tell the cat sensibilities then probably give me credit for her and I don’t think they know how much they hurt my feelings so that is what it is will be stronger because of it.

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