Aries 28° (April 17)

Raina will come by for some egg drop soup and to help us get the shower and hose back up and running. Working my way through the Cancer man chapter and coming up with a better draft moving forward. But first more work on the love Aries woman. She may even flaunt her sons virility to the girls he likes. Dangling him. Making friends with them in appropriately. She is not the most faithful of females. Then again she often mates with males that outright or subtly enjoy playing the cuckhold. Patsy Stone’s mother. Incantations to the divine feminine. Evolving is channeling into more Buddhist direction. ** on the mentor subject ** checking their self-sufficiency. Who is helping them out really. Do they just appear self starting? E. once again. The first-born female/daughter archetype is not uberfeminine, the female embodiment of the masculine (Mar) principle. The Ewe on the bluff, she calls others.  Relationship to other women, we say invites scrutiny and derision. She might work on that.Aries men pursue, she draws others out. Turns them into Aries-type men in effect. We said she draws fire. Fights against the patriarchy whereas Leo works within it (can’t beat ‘em join ‘em attitude….Artemis gets into the race, into the hunt.)  What sign is Betty Friedan? Where does Pallas come from? What doesnt it say that Athena takes on her name? She is the most irascible. What sign is the actress who plays Wonder Woman? I wish to say more about Lilith. Aries is the type of girl that could survive for 50 years on the tiniest trust fund. Along with psychology look to the sign quadrant also the sign glyph for inspiration. If he is most cut and dry she is most cut and run. Ewe is an animal form of the primordial goddess. sign glyph: we didn’t say it is her brow and wisdom. Nor have we discussed her as goddess of helmsmen. In the Bible Rachel is the holy Ewe. 

I feel like she would be the person to raise a single child as a single mother….connect to that myth and the link to Hephaestus.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year.

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