Pisces 14° (March 4)


Award shows are no longer just irrelevant, they’re now totally obsolete. We don’t need a pantheon of actors of all people to worship—we don’t. Not unless we start likewise worshiping all walkers of life. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. And I think about these Gen Y high-school students, which blinding tragedy catapulted into our consciousness, hopefully endowing us with some second-sight into what the fuck kind of reality we’re living. My guess is those kids don’t care about the Oscars®. And they’re the near future.

Apparently this sort of topic was brought up in recent articles in top newspapers. I really must start to read again. You think I’m joking but I’m not. Not enough is being said about the cultural shift this administration is causing us. I feel like we have to all band together in order to fight what’s happening. The resistance. It isn’t very resisting. I think rich people in this country who can make a difference should do more. I think that the firmament of Hollywood stars should be doing more. They have the resources. Instead of spending on their gowns, jewels, make-up and face work they should be organizing said resistance.

I have no social media presence although I am nigh on hoping to change that. Little by little I will be doing my part as best I can. I want to get up to speed and stay up to speed. I know that is going to require a different kind of vigiliance than I’ve been expressing but it is time to make it happen and I’m happy to try and start to make a difference, as much as I’m able. I think we all must. Meanwhile, back to those Hollywood stars. Have you seen footage of the Oscars in the 1970s? People just wore whatever. Now everyone looks like they’re being presented to the queen—it’s ridiculous. No wonder the label of “liberal elites” gets thrown around. Just stop with all the Kardashian shit and get real people. Think of Sissy Spacek in 1977 and re-calibrate from there. People look ludicrous they really do.

Anyway…this hasn’t not been a fruitful time. In the next five Blagues I’m going to have to review my plans for the coming week and rejig the schedule a bit to accommodate all the changes. You see beginning with the start of the new astrological new year, which is Tuesday March 20 at 12:15 PM, we will be at 9° Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, as we take another turn around the wheel. This will be the start of my fourth year writing this daily Blague! With this, I will be back writing a Blague a day; I will also be re-exploring year one of this Blague which focused on the Sabian symbols and probably linking to that first year. I will also be looking through all my Blagues to date to decide which stories might make for some good live storytelling. The truth is I would like to activate this three year old Blague into something that could become a reading series or something of that nature where storytelling is the thing. And maybe pull some samples of my work to show. There is the OPS that I’m going to put together. I am purposely vague in the initialing of this, so don’t worry if you don’t understand.


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