Aries 24° (April 14)


In near direct contrast to Aries, which precedes it on the cosmic wheel, Taurus, the fixed-earth sign, is ruled by Venus, representing the metaphysical Feminine Principle in the cosmos and astrology. Fixed-earth is likened to a fertile garden replete with flowers, and points to the power of attraction. Planet Venus energy is thus centrifugal, working in the opposite fashion from centripetal Mars, whose symbol recalls a shield and spear or the male genitalia—the Venus’s symbol, a circle over a crosed staff, conversely depicts the female reproductive system, specifically, the passage to the womb and intact hymen, symboloizing innocence. Innocence, and the loss thereof, is the main theme of any garden myth, particularly, as it leads to certain temptation, again that power of attraction. The gods (read: human archetypes) associated with Taurus are the earthy nubile, pastoral nymphs and youthful male flower gods. The premier nymph myth is that of Io, who was turned into a snow-white heifer by Zeus to hide his affair with her from his wife Hera who knew what was what and only pretended to assume Zeus was giving the pretty cow to her as a gift. Hera was going to teach Io a lesson (mainly about men). The fairy tale of Snow White is a retelling of it all, with the beautiful but jealous queen her thakes the form of a wicked crone bearing poison apples. This is a direct lifting of Hera doing just that in Greek myth. It is notable that the Venus womb symbol also recalls a hand-mirror, vanity being one of the sign of Taurus’ primary pitfalls—the sign’s color green itself has a shadow side to its fresh and earthy garden variety.

The power of attraction is one that appeals, foremost, to the senses—sight, touch, taste and smell—and, thus, the appetites, assignations of the sign of Taurus which rules the throat, the gullet, as well as the voice, symbolizing talents (song apealing to the aural sense) another attribute of the sign. Taurus people make up the most sonorous vocalists on the planet. The second house of Taurus, whose motto is I have, encompasses value(s), talents, assets, both real and metaphoric, along with real possessions, money and all kinds of quality stuff. Whether refering to our own talents, our collectibles, or investment portfolio, it is all a matter of cultivation, tending to that which we hold most dear and at which we are most gifted, that which comes most naturally. The nymphs and flowergods toil not, nor do they spin, the bucolic sign of Taurus advocating for a passive, come hither, approach to even their own ambition. Their energy goes into drawing interest and audiences to them rather than doggedly chasing some quixotic dream.

You go to the garden it doesn’t come to you. And here we see the link to the vanity: Narcissus, Hyancinth, Adonis all being among those male flower gods. Unlike objectiveAries, the natives of which are focused outward, perhaps the least self-conscious of individuals, the navel (or mirror) gazing Taurus takes a subjectiveapproach to self, inclined to see themself from the outside in, forever making adjustments based on audience appeal so to cultivate that which is most valuable to the Taurus: adulation, if not outright adoration. Cows, calfs, bulls are totems of worship and idolatry. It may strike one as strange that Taurus is the premier feminine sign but it’s symbol is the masculine Bull; after much consideration of that cunundrum it occured to us that Taurus’ symbol itself might be purposefuly ironic and speak to the subjectivity, the power of passivity, of this sign: The Bull symbolically represents that which the sign of Taurus seeks to attract not its own character at all. The Bull fertilizes (the feminine), in more ways than one; in the garden analogy. Also, the upshot of the Io myth, which ends with her being chased by a stinging gladfly across the Bosphoros straights—the “cow ford”—whereupon she emerged from heifer form, appearing, as goddess queen, herself, , (Isis), now on par with Hera/Juno isultimate empowerment, characterized the myth of  Europa. The Io and Europa myths are like call the response, signaling a reversal. Io’s descendent (by Zeus), Europa, returns to Europe, back across the Bosphoros, on the back of Zeus, her lover in most beautiful Bull form, transfiguring the narrative, where the female is no longer the silly cow. Instead Zeus takes on that bovine mantle, yoked in floral garlands, transmuting Io’s shame into into Europa’s honor. In the biblical myth we have the same reversal: Where the femile inhabitant of the garden, Eva (Eve) sees her own original sins be revered by Ave (Maria), the glory of womanhood and innocence, if not virginity, restored.

Remember we said Taurus rules the senses and appetites, thus, we might say, all of the earthly pleasures, in which Taurus people may indulge, but more to the point: Taurus plays on the senses and appetites of others, that oomphy Venus energy, seeking union, weilding its power of attraction, Taurus people being most the most, often purposefully (people-) pleasing population on the planet. They offer endless delight, exhibiting myriad talents in multifold forms, their eyes and ears attuned to audience reaction, making endless corrections to their work, art or enterprise to achieve their one goal: to appeal, gain favor and make bank. Just as we move from the first sign of Aries to the second of Taurus, we swing from the Aries from Ram, the shepherd on the hill in the Christmas story to the nativity scene, the stable, the manger, or cow trough, being the center seat of the adoration scene, from the french, manger, to eat. We could just gobble him up, and we will later. Taurus energy not only seeks favor, to be prized and cherished, you might say it also wants to be consumed, possessed. Feminine Taurus stands counter to masculine Aries which seeks to conquer and perhaps consume in the process, though it isn’t the usual goal.

One of the things to admire most about a Taurean is their ability to hang a high price tag on themselves. They will do the work, cultivating themselves and their talents like a master gardner, playing nice, being pleasing, if not somewhat fauning and sycophantic which is always an inside-out expression of certain narcissism. The mirror is a recurring theme in the art, music, film and literature of Taurus creatives, and the natives tend to be very exacting in their appearance, cultivating a strong look that communicates not only their sensibilties but their intentions. They are, on this score, in a word, deliberate. This, along with practical and methodical and determined and focused are Taurus watchwords, being as myopic as real bulls are, metahporically speaking, of distractions or detractors, and also of their own artistic delusions.

Taurus people might be prone to overindulge their own appetites, at least that is the dime-story converntional wisdom on the subject. Moreso, they create hunger in others for themselves. This happens in positive ways, making people hanker for their skills and talents, but also finding ways to addict others to them. That didn’t make much sense but I think I am driving at something here. Taurus people collect other people, and they will prize certain and target others. Oh wow I really ran out of steam on that one. I will have to revisit this idea for sure as it needs fleshing out. Let’s move onto the Gemini experience…Ah! wait I have another Taurus thought:

The thing about fixed signs is they are not the originators, typically, of ideas, waves or movements in their creative work that are the cardinal signs that precede them. Cardinal signs struggle with follow through and sustenance, a Taurus word if we ever heard one. All fixed signs drill down and are all kinds of things that one might associate with being fixed. In Taurus’ case we say the sign energy can be stubborn, obstinate, determined and deliverate, grounded, etc, terms that one might apply to the Bull itself.  Taurus people don’t like complication, they naturally keep things simple, which manifests, most poignantly, in their going long and deep into specific interests, instead of being renaissance wo/men in any sense of the word. The are niche dwellers, narrowling focused, leaving no stones unturned in the cultivation of their uniquely pinpointed talents/skills with which they continually wish to flourish (flower!).

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