Taurus 6° (April 26)

Cutting losses with social media and with errant colleagues—our patience has come to a natural end. Will be chilly today but going to take a long walk in town nonetheless. The same house from which we heard yelling has an aggressive bitch (I’ve never used that word in a proper context!) that came charging at us. I honestly don’t know what S. would have done if she were alone. It was especially freezing near the harbor. Full Moon dinner number one! Anyway I will get some more zodiacal thoughts down on virtual paper: That gaslighting and second guessing: It causes a rift in personality, such that one feels that being their true, natural self isn’t enough, or worse, too much. Taurus females are a sensitive bunch, and they feel the brunt of any assault, no matter how subtle, register in their emotional body which can ultimately manifest physically. To use a bovine metaphor, Taurus feels branded by the labels people slap on her, and they aren’t easy for her to shake off. So as carefree, and even wild, as you are meant to be, Taurus, you are, paradoxically, the most readily yoked and corralled. Now, sometimes it’s not just jealous peers and siblings who take part in cutting you down to their desired size—we had long suspected, and years working with clients has confirmed, that there’s about a fifty-fifty chance that Taurus’s own mother can, if only at times, pile on, incapable of keeping her own jealousy of her daughter in check. Taurus and her mom are generally not cut from the same cloth, the elder being very status- (and self-) conscious, cautious and admonishing, and so she might turn a blind eye to the Taurus being emotionally body-slammed by other children, including her own. More times than not Taurus’ parents lead quite separate lives, even if they’ve remained together under the same roof, and the Bull girl may feel that it is her father alone who sees through the glare of the gaslight for who she truly is. 

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