The astrological shift from Libra to Scorpio is always that of light to darkness, surface experience to what lies beneath, high consciousness to deepest subconscious, ordered civilization to the wormy world beneath it. And so I continue to get validation for my simple overlay of the twelve signs, in turn, presiding over each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac: as today’s symbol, Scorpio-ruled in my estimation, is about root energy. For all our high ideals and would-be elevation of consciousness, our emphasis on all goodness and Light tends to cast a very dark shadow. Zuni Indians Perform A Ritual To The Sun is the mage at Leo 20°. Of course this Pueblo culture was completely wiped out by the Apollonian ideal of civilization, its people becoming shadow entities living on the streets and fringes of what progress hath wrought. In convenient memory they stand as a symbol of a people who lived in perfect, peaceful harmony with Nature. Hindsight can be so patronizing. But who has the last laugh?

Everything returns to Nature. All living creatures and, in Time, all civilzations. That wormy underworld—Scorpio ruled by Pluto, the god thereof—will win out. Meanwhile, even in our civilized vision, we romanticize that which we had a hand in destroying. Isn’t that just like us. We will represent, typically in strip-mall fashion the spirit of humankind that lived so in concert with Nature as to be like subjects of the animal kingdom which we daily extinguish via our civilized actions, not realizing that our own path leads toward the same destruction, creation, destruction, creation…

Yesterday, we hopped on a Houseboat to escape the rigidity of restraining social structures; today we actually reverse the dynamic and revert to natural world. The sign of Leo, as it is, is one that finds artifice fatuous. In our book Sextrology, we call the Leo Man “The Natural” as he, for one, tends to espouse native cultures and rhythms—this is akin to there being so many drummers of the sign as well. The sign rules the heart and thus the beat of life. Artificial socieites can take us away from all that, or seem to. But at the heart of all existence is the beat of life which is never very far away. It’s simply below the surface. The Sun in the symbol is the heart of our solar system and that which rhythmically aligns us. Of course, it is Leo’s ruling planet.

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