Gemini 22°

Question No. 21: Don’t you think this making of questionnaires is a good thing to tell people to do. Would you not consider it one of your “action items”. Have you created a place where you log all your “action items” that you’ve prescribed to clients which might make for good information in a book somewhere. Do you need to be more mindful of such items that you and Stella devised that have really helped people?

Question No. 22: Are you an alchemist? And if so what does that mean (to you)?

Question No 23: What is it about JD Salinger that you like so much. What is it about all the people, places and things that you list in the concierge sections of your websites that you like so much. Can you distill your thoughts so they might be at once more poetic and also more efficiently categorized?

Question No. 24: Do you need to ritualize any actions? Do you need to have a regular café or something you go to x many times a week? Should it coincide with some friendly bumping into people on the streets? Do you need to be reminded to bring your business cards with you wherever you go?

Question No. 25: Should you get some stationery printed? Would it be nice to bring back tangible thank-you notes, or note cards. Are you looking forward to enlisting another person in your household’s help once said person is finished with her own masters degree program? Do you need some help deciding on some aesthetical things?

Question No. 26: Do you need to start putting together you 10 five-minute curtain speeches with some funny bits about life. You had something about welcome signs. And you had some funny aptronym ideas which I think are written on an envelope somewhere. Wouldn’t it be fun and creative to get those things into works.

Question No. 27: Have you set up all your Instagram accounts? Are you putting pictures out there as you should? Are you asking all the artists who’ve performed at Afterglow for some helpful quotes to zhush up your info packs going out to people?

Question No. 28: Have you thought about doing a search on FB for folks who went to Harvard? Have you saying that you are asking all your creatively spirited friends who might be in a position to help to do so with a small donation. That you believe through small donations you can grow this into an Edinburgh sized festival.

Question No 29: Have you thought how Provincetown was always about people on the fringe, and now we have one. Should you be using the word fringe more.

Question No. 30. Do you need to contact Glamour and other magazines about some column writing this year. Have you thought about updating your writing resume in any case?