At 3° Scorpio we encounter A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbor’s Cooperation, signifiying the feeling of community via a basic joint effort. Here we see the “we have” of Scorpio being demonstrated by group-making of the most essential of possessions, a home. Paradoxically, the home will belong to one family and yet, as everyone has built it, it will be home to all—the impication here is that this is a circular enterprise, that everyone has had a hand in the making of everyone else’s home so that home is everywhere the tribe has collectively made it. This is ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence and we see that sign’s expansive energy radiating outward from the first group effort. We not only have our own home but we are at home everywhere we go. I remember witnessing a barn-raising in Amish country in Pennsylvania as a child; and of course there is that famous scene in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. It is a rural experience to be sure, in reality; while metaphorically speaking it goes beyond the duality of mine/yours to that tertiary Sagittarian realm of ours. We have emotional investment in each other’s well being, security, protection and comfort. And there is a sense of freedom, one imagines, in communities built in this way. Doors are likely left unlocked and we are free to enter in wherever we are in said community. If we think about this as a metaphor for the doors of perception, we can see our neighbors as ourselves and presumably treat them with the kind of respect we hope to receive in return.


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