So I’m looking for a space. Actually I’m looking for a town and a space to headquarters a business. It’s a new business championing an ancient passion. I was thinking Boston or Provincetown or Portland, as I don’t want to do this in New York City. I thought writing about it would help me decide. I’ve put together a business plan, with Portland in the model but I think I should explore Boston as well. I was so convinced of Portland until I went there again just recently. It used to feel like my favorite place but not it feels just the opposite. But I’ll go back because I’m incredibly impressionistic and it was summer so there were carny, hairy, tattoing, ripped, dog-laden, dirty hippies in the town square, and a lot of them, and the port was filled with the dregs of the boating world, drunk, red-faced, in tee shirts, unhinged and looking for trouble, all frequenting the harbor dives.

Now as I write this I have sinced decided not to do Portland but to switch to Boston. But as I’m writing this I’m having a realization of things that I’m not concurrently writing on the page. And that is that I could “do” Portland because I wouldn’t need to be in town too much and when I was there are great restaurants and so forth; meanwhile I could rent a house elsewhere and not live in it, but have a place in a town to get to. But it just might be too small (I’m now changing my mind again); I’ll probably end up in Provincetown. No, I don’t think so. I like the adventure of Portland and it is a very easy investment, emotionally, to just live there. But I’ll likely still yearn for Boston. I really want to live in Back Bay, again, I really love it. But I could easily do the gig in Portland and already start making Paris my city, which would be good for business, as well.

But really it’s about the day to day, isn’t it? I should want to be where I am. Where do I want to be? That is the question. And funnily enough, I feel as if the answer will present itself. I’m really not worried about a thing strangely. And I’m very much a worry wart, or have been. Right now I’m ready to relax into experience more and not contribute to any excess nervousness. If anything I need to get back to yoga this week; and hit the beach for sure. Tomorrow morning. Then Provincetown, then lunch. Maybe I should stick with Boston/Cambridge and Provincetown for now. I need to look up Boston retail and some stats on its economic growth.
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