Taurus 12° (May 2)

S. will see some properties on the North Shore and I will soldier on with my astrological musings: The reason why we can like and root for a character like Marty is because the world is an unfair place that’s rigged against the proverbial little guy, an underdog (we also associate the cartoon character of the same name to Gemini). We can all relate to the notion of bucking systems that are meant to keep us down and for men of this sign the end truly does justify the means, especially if that end is to provide for a family, doing good by breaking bad. Nobody can think quicker on their feet than Gemini, the zodiac’s expert at getting out of scrapes. At some point in his self-development, however, there comes a time to put all his accumulated knowledge and experience, including his infamous street smarts, for a higher use, which will require some good old-fashioned tapping into his higher power.

The notion of Mercury, the psychopomp, being a conductor of souls, has some real-life applications for men born under in Gemini, and it is all hinged on the sign’s I think motto. Along with Whitman and Emerson, whose work which very much focused on the relationship between the individual soul and the world at large, this is the sign of Sartre and Pascal and Heidegger and the controversial—some say fraud and conman—Norman Vincent Peale who, with his book, popularized The Power of Positive Thinking. For ill or nil, when Gemini harnesses the might of his mind, he can move mountains in the achievement of his goals. The god of communication, Mercury, endows the Twins guy with the ability, given focus, of articulating to himself exactly what his sum experience has taught him, how it’s shaped him, and thus to develop his own philosophy for living. Many of his most important life lessons will derive from listening not to the better angel on his one shoulder but the little devil on the other. Sometimes a Gemini man really needs to go to hell and back to grasp a full understanding of his existence and what the take-aways are that can guide him, and, often others, too, forward. So-called spirituality, for him, has very practical applications, or should have. All his life he can talk the talk, but eventually he must walk the walk, honing his philosophy of life in the process of living it. Every Gemini man needs transcend to some degree the sense that they are getting away with whatever their particular it is. He will come to learn how much simpler life can be when he quits his notorious gaming, whether it be some form of cheating, a ubiquity of white lies for no good reason, or a default expectation that the world owes him something that he shouldn’t have to roll up his sleeves and do the honest work of achieving, on the up and up. This is the secret Gemini man most needs to glean: that the true stimulation he seeks is one of sustained engagement in meaningful vocations and avocations as well as his relationships, not the fleeting thrills of furtive intrigue, skirting issues, getting around rules, or other such slight-of-hand antics. Spirituality for the Gemini is really being as much an agent for good as you can be, using that clever brain, to remain conscious in both thought and action. That is what winning really looks like—not the execution of Machiavellian moves. And, surely, it is on the home front, in your close relationships, where much of your personal work can, and should, begin. 

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