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I just popped onto Facebook where I rarely am these days compared with times past. Not that I’ve replaced it with other social media. That is a whole other topic. (I’ll tackle that next maybe). The funny thing is: I thought I was late getting the ball rolling on outreach to would-be sponsors of my now two not-for-profit live performance festivals; but I had put in my planner that today was the day I was going to start the outreach in earnest.

Well, you know those little flashbacks to “this day last year” things that greet you when you log onto FB? Apparently this day last year is when I started the outreach so, in that sense, I’m not actually late. I’m on schedule if there is such a thing. Really the whole process of putting together a festival with it’s myriad elements is a four month period of just doing the most urgent thing next while trying to work down the list of what absolutely needs to be done.

Here are just some of the things that need to be done after contracting the venue(s), engaging the artists, getting them to contract, collecting all their bios, descriptions, photos and press and links, updating the website(s), finding accommodation for the artists, booking their trains and ferries and sometimes planes and automobiles, getting a new set of logos—for the new festival having a new logo designed—by the graphic artist, design our signature “names poster,” input all the artists descriptions into the ticket section of the website and linking it to the venue website, putting all the artists bios and collateral in the artists section of the websites, create a comprehensive ticket list, set up discount ticket and passes on all sites, design a postcard to be printed, design individual posters of each artists for the marquee, then we can begin raising the necessary thousands of dollars to make this happen and write a press release and send the release to all press outlets who will then need descriptions of all the shows and artists and a bunch of photos to choose from and somewhere in here I will write a newsletter that will go to our advisory board and also to anyone on our mailing list to which I have to add a slew of addresses from the myriad cards sitting on my desk and then I have to activate all our social media outlets and make a schedule for promoting each of the individual shows in festival(s) and then collect all the tech requirements from all the artists and sit with the tech staff at the venue and go over everthing in advance and make sure everyone received their travel tickets and that there will be taxis waiting for them at the pier to take them to their hotels and that we have bicycles for them already reserved; and that all our business sponsors are being worked onto the website, that their establishments are properly touted, that there logos are prominent both online and in our program—oh yeah i have to design a program—and send our “concierge” listing of hotels, restaurants, lounges and other services out to all audience members and that we put together our opening night party in time for all the artists and audience and sponsors to come together pre festivals to have a really swell time.

More on this in the coming Blague….


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