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Working double duty as I put together a whole bunch of “speak” I need to send out into the world. This is information on the new Glow Festival I’m putting together for Cambridge MA this summer.

The Creators of the Afterglow Festival and the Glowberon Series Announce:
The First Annual GLOW FESTIVAL to be Staged in Cambridge, MA

at the Oberon/American Repertory Theater, July 27-30, 2017

Fueled by the success Provincetown’s acclaimed non-profit performing-arts Afterglow Festival, and the growing collaborative Glowberon series at Oberon/American Repertory Theater, comes the first annual Glow Festival in Cambridge, MA, which aims to to score this most creative New England city a shining star on the international festival map along with Edinburgh and other fringe theater and performance capitals around the world.

Best known as one half of the author (Sextrology, Cosmic Coupling) and performing duo Starsky + Cox, with wife Stella Starsky, Quinn Cox founded the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown in 2011 with John Cameron Mitchell, Tony-award-winning creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. With an advisory board that includes Pulitzer-prize-winning novelist Michael Cunningham and native Cambridge poet Eileen Myles, who received a Guggenheim Fellowship for her forthcoming Afterglow (a memoir), inspired by the festival name, Cox’s non-profit Afterglow has produced, premiered and developed over sixty, mostly solo plays and performance pieces, which have won major awards and grants and moved Off-Broadway and to top theatrical venues around the globe.

Just as he sought to preserve and champion Provincetown’s birthright as the birth place of modern American theater and as an active incubator for new stage works, Cox turned to Cambridge in 2015 to curate and launch the touted Glowberon series collaboration with Oberon/A.R.T.. After two years of packed houses, A.R.T. has commissioned an expanded third season of the series for this coming year and agreed to play host to Cox’s newest not-for-profit enterprise, the Glow Festival, taglined: Cambridge Live Performance Arts Festival.

With a rich theatrical history, supported by Boston’s own cultural heritage, Cambridge is known for its legitimate theatre (most notably A.R.T.) as well as its progressive spirit, being a bohemian bastion that has birthed innovative performance from punk to neo-cabaret, alternative comedy to spoken word, burlesque to cirque, art to folk rock, interpretive dance to dramatic plays, much liike Provincetown, with its artsy ties to New York’s downtown scene.

The Glow Festival mission is multifold: It aims to create a home for innovative international performers who have heretofore not had a base in our New England capitol. It seeks to establish Cambridge as a global festival city, growing year on year in scope to rival that of other cities synonymous with their fringes. Glow aims to connect eager audiences with exciting, emerging and established artists expanding and ever evolving the forms (and our notions) of theater and performance today. And the Glow Festival intends to invigorate the community, culturally and commercially, in cultivating audiences who will stay, eat, drink, shop, visit, and otherwise be served, locally.

Hosted by Starsky + Cox, the first annual Glow Festival takes stage at Oberon at the American Repertory Theater, July 27-30, 2017. Artists slated to perform include the stellar talents of Justin Vivan Bond, Penny Arcade, Marga Gomez, Tammy Faye Starlite, Brian King & What Time Is It Mr. Fox?.

Unlike the collaborative Glowberon series, the Glow Festival is a unique entity that must be self-sustaining through non-profit fundraising of sponsorships and donations. Glow will, in effect, rent Oberon at A.R.T. and must cover the costs of the space and its staff and technicians along with other expenses which include travel, lodging and administration, promotion and marketing.

As such, the first annual Glow Festival will be purposefully contained, runing just four days, with a small projected budget. The Glow Festival is a 501(c)(3) charitable arts organization operating in Massachusetts to which donations are tax-exempt to the full extent of the law. Please visit www.glowfest.org/sponsorships to make an online contribution or send your check to Glow Festival P.O. Box 129 Provincetown, MA, 02657.


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