That seer Elsie Wheeler who divined the Sabian Symbols without knowing which dates to which they would be assigned, simply reacting to a blank card being held up to her (she was legally blind) with the date secretly written on the back. So not only to we amaze at the naturally order with which these symbols unfold, one after the other, but sometimes we get an literal hit. Like today, at Pisces 17°, we find An Easter Parade which is an event that falls around this time of year, typically, hinged between the sign of Pisces and Aries, which we enter in just a few weeks. The keynote here is the capacity inherent in all great sociocultral Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence. And for reals, Easter is the most potent holiday in the Christian calendar a celebration of resurrection and rebirth which, of course, could only happen in the ensuing Spring. How Sundayish.

Easter’s energy of resurrection metaphorically inspires all of us to be new and our best selves. Even I, posh pagan that I am, have thought in the past that I might start going to church the Sunday after Easter, starting a full year of service, just for the fun of it. And then I thought, screw that, I’ll just start writing this Blague with 0° Aries, on the Equinox which is like the (astrological) new year and Easter mashed together—it’s no accident that Jesus’ ressurrection, for which there is no actual date, but a revolving one, hovers around the equinox in any case. So the spirit is the same: to reemerge from death (the winter) and reveal oneself to be a more transcendent being than one has previously been. In that context we understand all the recent, previous images and their lead up, with pilgrimages, to some shangri-la Nirvana experience of being welcomed into some host or brotherhood of light-beings.

This symbol is ruled by Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence which totally makes sense, since that sign is all about reveals and revelations. We have drawn back Salome’s veil to reveal a world beyond the limits of life and death. Yesterday’s creative in his study created a sacred space for visitation whereby to achieve certain immortality via his creation—any links to “Lazurus” Capricorn David Bowie seeking to be risen from the dead not withstanding, but the/his connection is not lost on us here. We are urged, today, to dynamize ourselves in some kind self-renewal in response to the mythos, whether it be a christian, pagan (nature-based) or pop one. For me, it is about embodying the sprouting seed, which might yet need to push away a few pebbles, boulders to the little sprout, like those rolled in front of Jesus’ tomb, while being as yet not quite at the surface of Spring; but think about the infinite number of sprouts (all of which have their own spirits—yes I do believe that) currently pushing those giant pebbles out of their path toward revealing themselves anew, having lived a different life as a different plant of shoots, leaves and flowers last year.

This Symbol is an essential reminder of the value of attuning one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of nature-cosmos, both as an individual and as a member of a healthy society or group. This is exactly the theme of, well all we do under the aegis of Starsy + Cox but especially what I’ve been doing here, on my own, day by day with the Cosmic Blague and what Stella and I will be doing live each month, starting at 0° Aries on the Spring Equinox in our live appearances at The Zodiac Club at Sid Gold’s in New York, presenting what will monthly events, hinged to the start of each sign—part show, part seminar, part salon—whereby we will unlock the wisdom of the Zodiac, focusing in turn on each cosmic energy represented by the astrological signs and houses, and empower and guide you with that energy at the time of year when it is best to do so, so that by the time we get to Spring Equinox a year later you will have emerged a cosmically energized being, ressurected and transcendent, firing on all cosmic cylinders, which is tantamount to leading a literally 360° experience of life. Who says we can’t share in a peak experience? And who says that experience can’t last a lifetime? Not I.

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