Gemini 14°

If you pay close attention to my life you know I have a sister and you also know I don’t have any contact with her and haven’t since before my mother died in 2006. So that’s eleven years. It also, turns out, that our worst president in history has the same birthday as my sister. As an astrologer, and as a person, I am not surprised by this. My mother died three years after my father did. I have just the one sibling. I have no children and won’t if I can help it. So I’m very “floaty” in life when it comes to the anchoring family provides. I have a surrogate family of sorts in England whom I love. And (I was going to write: I have lots of friends around me) yet the fact is I’m very isolated, or is it isolating. Well it’s definitely that. I can go days without seeing other people and not even notice the fact. More and more, as I get older, I turn into what might be considered a misanthrope; but, given social media, and the illusion thereof, people assume I’m very connected and “out there” which I am when I have to be but it is rare that I am. Mostly, I shuttle between my home office and kitchen, go for a walk, go (back) to yoga and try to deal with the day-to-day with a smile.

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