Taurus 16° (May 6)

I do have to work into the evening tonight so I have to pace myself. I will go to the soft opening of Salty Market and by some (aptly) Maldon salt and olive oil and some breakfast tea which I desperately need. And I set back to work keeping my physical condition under wraps. Fat chance. One person says I look pale. Another says I look tired. Oops. My voice sounds terrible. A Virgo friend with a pharmaceutical purse feeds my Tylenol. Somehow moving around makes me feel a whole lot better. It is amazing what one tiny pill can do. Plus my whisky voice seems to be seductive. I’m working hard but not too; I’m in the flow. It is, as they say, all good. I like the vibe and I’m fine with just keeping getting my feet wet. In my fever-dream delirium last night I imagined the torment of this current process in my personal lives as being three separate whirlpools. I express that rather frankly and bluntly. I will get no word back of course but I think it’s clear that I’ve hit a wall. I know there is concern about an upcoming Zoom date; but I have to say that wee note from you know who, dispelling all and any illusion, has had a freeing effect of sorts. 

Scorpio Man

Scorpio’s path toward success and happiness is stealthy, biding his time, doing what is necessary, largely unseen, to bring about desired results. Ruled by Pluto, named for the god of the underworld and riches, Scorpio is likewise subversive, often gloomy, and suspicious, seeking to dig below the surface of people, places and things which he simply cannot accept on face value. The underworld symbolizes Scorpio’s own subconscious, in which he’s entrenched, wrestling with repressions, obsessions and a tendency toward possession. On the positive side, he is unswayed by distracting external climates; only the weather within determines his singular actions, not to mention his sting. He is most likely to be that proverbial mean kid and, all too often, the most vindictive of men, resulting from his own hurt and dejection. Success can be all too synonymous with revenge, a bad recipe in the end. He is loath to admit he is an egoist citing a string of insecurities to prove his point, still taking up a lot space and energy in so doing. His friendships tend to smack of hostage taking. A creature of subtext, he doles out backhanded compliments and takes jabs at those who populate his inner social circle, while being fiercely proprietary toward them. And should he sense someone slipping away, he will launch cloaked attacks, gaslight and spread narratives designed to discredit even once closest cronies, freezing them out. This fixed-watersign translates to ice, crystals and gems. He is the most paranoid of all the signs and not above such sabotage. The prime Pluto myth is that of his surprise abduction of the goddess Kore, who transform, 180°, into Persephone (Roman: Proserpina, prosperity, those riches). Scorpio man likewise takes a smash and snatch approach, lying in wait, until he can exact his agenda. His inferior interior voice tells him he’d be shot down were he to approach objective desires openly. Scorpio man will never risk rebuke. He will not venture that which he is uncertain to gain. He plots and makes every preparation to pull people and opportunities (too often one and the same) in. If friends are possessions, love objects are treasures, gems to be guarded. So clearly Scorpio has a lot of “relationship work” to do. Paranoia and fear of abandonment plague him, until he comes to realize they are self-fulfilling prophesy. This psychology is often rooted in his feeling unloved by his own mother, sadly, too frequent a fact of Scorpio man’s life. And so, he keeps most people at bay, picking and choosing those he’ll then put to the test with his subtextual slings and arrows. Only the few who can put up with his obsessive and possessive approach to life, and love him in spite of it, will actually pass through his fogged looking glass to find that he is really a benign and caring, profoundly devoted (though still dark-humored) prince among men who would lay down his life for those he loves. Drawing on the Pluto archetype, others include Orpheus, Dracula and The Beast of Beauty fame.

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