Taurus 27° (May 18, 2022)

I am still in a blackout, that is to say that the original entries, here, got lost or I never wrote anything to begin with. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate. Carbonara. And back to the work at hand.

The Virgo man enters doubting. All people, places and things must be proven to him before he can decide whether or not to sanction or engage in them. More than just a defense, this is the default expectation, by cosmic design, of a kind of literal dis-appoint-ment. Meaning that it speaks to the shift from the sign of Leo, astrology’s divine King, to that of Virgo, the universal Everyman. The Virgo is beyond some naive notion of innate nobility, which, to him, smacks of delusions of grandeur. Virgo is coming from a avery different place, metaphysically—that is to say: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, all of which effect his physical nature and body language. He is of the mind that life is what you make of it; that none of us are singled out for any predestined purpose; rather that you create your own existence, and any import thereof, every day, brick by brick, over time. Likewise, said people, places and the things of circumstance will keep having to prove themselves to him over multiple interactions, if not a lifetime. Nothing is ever quite a done deal for Virgo; life is one great work in process, and he must learn to seek progress over perfection. Virgo is especially dubious of others’ enthusiasm, and those who take too optimistic a view of life, or worse yet, believe in miracles. A healthy skepticism is Virgo’s superpower, allowing him to critique and diagnose situations, circumstances, environments, and even other individuals, prescribing necessary measures for improvement. He is the alchemist of the zodiac, seeking to root out the baser elements he encounters and to transmute that which he perceives as flawed or lacking into a more purified state. He cannot abide dysfunction, as he perceives it, the irony of course being that he has his own fair share of character defects, chief among them, an inability to be called out for them. Ultimately, he will need to own that fact. Nothing and nobody are perfect, he will concede; but there must be a concerted effort toward betterment, amelioration and high human functionality. After the roaring pride of Leo, the sign of Virgo operates on humility, at least, as a jumping off point. The Virgo man isn’t born thinking he’s god’s gift to the universe. He is not shot through with bold-faced confidence or bravado; rather, he supplements any lack he perceives in himself by way of a lifelong practice of honing his expertise, in this area or that, which can lend him an erudite air, in the end, and, yes, a certain sophisticated superiority. Fancying himself a connoisseur of this or that, Virgo can be quite the culture vulture, though a selective one. Holding his nose in situations, keeping others at arm’s length, is a symptom of his vulnerability and a fear of being burned for emotional investment.

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