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Keep talking and keep Tweeting you salmon colored fuck. Go to the Middle East and make a hundred gaffs. The people there even know that you are not us. You are you and you always have had the opposite of the Midas touch. You are our nation’s biggest loser and you will end up in jail because, for a liar and a thief, you are not clever or stealthy. You are a bafoon and everybody hates you; even the Republican lawmakers were just waiting long enough to satisfy their own greedy agendas before the wheels fell off your rickety wagon of an administration. You throw everyone under the bus and now that bus is coming for you. The deputy AG was not about to risk his entire career reputation on you scapegoating him. You think this new special prosecutor isn’t eternally faithful to the FBI of which you made an enemy, like so many enemies. I cannot wait to hear about you handling your own press conference today. I won’t watch it because the sight of it makes me sick. And now we know nothing will happen on health care or on your stupid wall or on anything you wanted to achieve because now the entire Congress is focused on finding proof you are a petty criminal in the highest seat in the land. And you have gavinized our patriotic spirit against you.

At this point there is no going back. There is no normalizing. That ship has sailed, as you have pushed even your supporters to the limit. The most they can do for you is nothing. Nobody can come out for you at this point. It would be career suicide for anybody of any party to align themselves with you, Agent Orange. This takes me back to the summer of 1972 when, even as eight year olds, we would watch the dry, laborious senate hearings and independent hearings on our television sets, in our individual households, with as much laser focus as if the Muppets were on. I won’t say even children hate you; I will say children, especially, hate you. You scare them. And they have the visceral knowledge to know: “you’re a bad man.” I think children make natural patriots as their innocence tends to attach to what is the purest good about any situation or entity or group or individual. I myself have been feeling that we (even, especially, those of us on the left) should now own the most traditionally patriotic trappings about being American, much of which has been hi-jacked, over the years, by hypocrites on the right, appealing to “middle America” while duping them into believing they have its wellfare in mind when, in truth, it has only been a ploy, the sheep’s clothing, for forcing a wolfish agenda.

We the good people of America who care about the poor and diabled (don’t make fun of them) who embrace our traditional spirit of diversity and compassion (while you build walls and impose bans) who seek to preserve our natural resources, our air, our national parks, our water and fight against poisonous corporations who produce drugs and pesticides and for-profit schools and prison systems to line the pockets of the few, it is we who should be wrapping ourselves in red, white and blue and waving flags and marching to Sousa soundtracks with fife and drums to stamp out the corruption you so vividly personify.

You are not long for this White House world. We already know you love the color orange. Just think how swell it’s gonna be when your onsie matches your skin and hair!

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