Children Playing On The Beach, Their Heads Protected By Sunbonnets is the symbol for Sagittarius 18°, ruled by Virgo in a twelve-fold sequence. It speaks to the protection that our culture affords us as we become accustomed to powerful energies in our unconscious. Sagittarius rules philosophy and religion which can spoonfeed and contextualize heady concepts to us within the framework of existing traditions; and Virgo is all about slowly digesting and adapting to change. Culture provides a context and protection from what forces would otherwise blow our minds—the sun and sea in this image represent powerful forces, masculine and feminine, that have the power to uplift and inspire us but also to burn and drown us. Religious and cultural institutions are often focused on the young, acting as protective agencies to keep them from becoming lost. However, their tendency toward rigidity and hypocrisy will undermine this aim.

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