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Question No. 7: What is the current status of your press. Are there journalists and editors who need to hear from  you and what should they know. Are you seeking coverage in as many places as you can?

The journalism thing is tricky. I have promises from the Boston Globe that they are doing something on us and Jared Bowen from Open Studio is also responsive. But then everyone disappears. Granted it is 4th of July (which seems to run a two-week spate) but my experience is that peeps have lousy follow through. What I would like to do is reach smaller press outlets harder, to maybe get onto radio, I’m also thinking that I should reach out to the local TV station and create some kind of show leading up to Afterglow which we can film? I dunno. There is much in the way of excitement going on and my goal this year is to be on one hand very relaxed and laid back about our prospects for success in fundraising and yet to pull out all stops connecting with people. I especially want to get the ball rolling. I want the feeling of having done all I can to get the word out. There is no Boston Phoenix anymore; but there is radio and such, and I should take this opportunity to reach the local TV stations as well. Okay I need a comprehensie press list for Boston. Thanks for letting me talk this through. I need to liaise with the people at ART as well and decide. It occurs that I should go after college radio and contact Harvard, Emerson and BU, for sure. I might also write whatever kind of “blog” the Herald asked me to do. Yes, welcome to the new age of journalism where newspapers don’t have staff anymore so they ask you to write the copy for them. Pay me bitch.

It does make sense to send out the entire roster that I have with a comprehensive press release and to make sure I have separate press releases for the festivals and series as well as a together one.

What’s crazy about this questionnaire format is: it seems to be opening up a lot of cosmic energy as, after just writing a few small paragraphs on the subject the Boston Globe scheduled the feature, the press liaison at ART just sent me a bunch of updates and emails for further outreach. I’m kind of liking what’s happening here. Maybe it will apply to other questions on the -aire as well.