After yesterdays stewed chickens, today we find another bird, A Carrirer Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission. If we extend the metaphor of the flailing chickens being prematurely trying to fly with spiritual knowledge, drunk on the knowledge, but unable to put it into practice, today at 22° Leo, we see the pigeon effectively taking flight because it carries a specific (spiritual) message. What this says is that a specific message we have to deliver can wing us into spiritual action, and that our nature in this regard is essentially one of service. Specificity in focus gives us the proper lift off.

Capricorn rules this oracle in a twelve-fold sequence. The sign, ruled by Saturn, stands in counterport to yesterday’s Jupiter/Sagittarian ruled image of unbridled, chaotic expansion. Via Saturn’s energy of certain containment we can hone all our flailing expansiveness into a set flight path, which is nonetheless determined by natural instincts; like utilizing the natural homing inclination of a pigeon for our own purposes: spirituality can take hold via the human messenger which is only that. We are not the object but rather the subject, that which gives flight to immutable spiritual concepts that will proliferated through us. The chicken and the pigeon are both domesticated, but while the chicken is penned, in shackles and flightless, the pigeon retains its basic freedom and is nonetheless a more faithful servant. Faith indeed is the energy of the sign of Capricorn, cardinal-earth, symbolized by a mountain, something we climb, in faith and endurance, to find certain communion with the divine or, most fittingly, to receive divine messaging. One can draw a parallel from Moses on Sinai to Jesus on the mount to the carrier pigeon in this image, carrying some form or another of important, if not good, news.

Being suffused with special purpose is the ticket to ride, as is the message itself. Our individual ideas only have resonance in so far as they connect with a collective. If we are simply lost in the revelation, we are like those chickens. But if we are in service to the message, bent upon delivering it to others, we have gods speed.

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