Gemini 3° (May 24)


An epic walk today on the beach with painful sand-storm effect. I was talking about whether or not we should be more proactive in our summer plans when lo and behold an email arrived doing all that work for us. It turns out that we will be flying through London this summer making our way down south from there. This is great news because we can touch base on the design process and see what’s what on that score. Anyway the chips are falling where they may. And I am going to let them. I have enough to do without adding to the list and I am letting thoughts sit before making too many requisite moves to affect outcomes. They will happen nearly of their own volition I believe. And it’s still Friday in May and in a certain light I am indeed way ahead of the proverbial game. I will regale you now with some added thoughts on the Scorpio experience.

Scorpio rules the genitals and reproductive system, which we conceal, and, though it is the seat of certain desire, it also carries the metaphoric shadow aspects of shame and repression. Desire is something deeper than want, working through us rather then deriving from us. Sexual desire, or our brands thereof, isn’t something that we can alter, despite what Mike Pence might think; we can repress it, giving rise to emotional or psychological problems in so doing, or we can honor it as some inherent bit of cosmic real estate within over which our conscious mind has no sovereignty. It is desire that brings obtainment—again the so-called opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio being hinged on having or possesion—only here, unlike Taurus which is about material possession, we are dealing with energetic, indeed psychic possession in the sign of Scorpio, the centerpiece of the third quadrant, that of the metaphysical mental plane.

In our book Sextrology the male and female chapters are titled The Strangerand The Specimen, respectively, speaking to the secret, stealthy, if not estranged, nature of the sign along with its focus on being an exemplary, essential and distilled creature who seeks to remain uncorrupted by external influences or forces. That Scorpio sting is really a strident refusal to people-please in any way. For all their secrecy, Scorpio people do not, as a rule, hide anything about their true natures; they are completely up front about who they are and what they believe, if not, again, experiencing their opinions as facts, being doggedly dogmatic. They simply feel no compulsion to share the details of their lives, even, or especially, with their closest friends or family. They hold themselves in extremely high esteem and though they are the most seductive of signs the never chase opportunities or people. Like a spider or a dragon or a snake in the grass, the silently lie in wait for others to enter into their experience—that said they tend to be worshipful of wealthy people, equating Pluto riches with personal power. Still, of all the signs they are most likely to take others hostage, emotionally or otherwise—they don’t put themselves out or change a thing about their own routine to accommodate others. When you’re with them it is on their terms; and even when they are invited guests, they will impose their strong influence on the proceedings, if only through the bringing along of games, side dishes, or gifts that one must play, sample or use straight away. There is a sense of their replecating themselves through others. And, among the most judgmental of individuals, if you don’t comply enough with their way (or the highway) you may be frozen out.

The sign of Scorpio rules the human ages of 49-56 which is associated with menopause or a supposed loss of power, which isn’t exactly the case. Like in the Scorpion months of October and November, when the outward appearance of life, leaves and all such foliage, falls away, reverting energy to the unseen root level, a point in the cycle of regeneration, such is the metaphoric snapshot of this age for the sign of Scorpio and its people who find the world of appearances to be fatuous on the whole. Not only is the (sexual) root chakra linked to Scorpio but one might say it is the proverbial place that people of the sign are coming from. Scientifically, even, menopause is said to be for women something of a renaissance of their mental life, long associated, mythically and throughout literature with the onset of increased wisdom. In the biblical line, Libra’s poetically lyrical Psalms are followed by Scorpio’s profoundly wise Proverbs. And though the Scorpio may appear icy on the outside, s/he is fairly smoldering within. We think of Persephone entranced (frozen) and silent on her throne, communicating telepathically to each departed soul, deciding their ultimate fate, and sending their souls in the direction of her choosing. She is herself a frozen asset, the barren queen of the underworld, who returns to the world of the living each year to resume her formal role as the goddess of springtime, Kore (the maiden of Virgo). Maid and crone but never mother (except that she is the maiden form of her own earth mother, Demeter), she is nonetheless a goddess of cycles and regeneration, life (springtime) and death (that maker we all meet).

Meaning is Scorpio’s life goal, thus they don’t seem designed for fun or even a simple happiness. They present as serious and superior, loath to suffer fools, even when wrestling with their own inner demons of self-doubt, insecurity and self-destructive tendencies. On that score they seem to withstand overindulgences in earthly delight better than most, often reveling in subversive actions, if not a certain decadent chic that can go along with it. It’s one of the ways they keep us guessing; and yet, if pressed, they are first to wear their insidious lifestly on their sleeve. They despise dishonesty in any form, and they get a secret thrill in flirting, if just a bit, with what might smack of a darker side of life. It fits their default rather pessimistic view. And even if living the most shiny, wholesome lifestyle, they will always find something to be self-loathing about. They can be seditious in relationships, talking behind the backs of even those who might consider them the closest friends. It’s just part and parcel of their love of intrigue and a cloak-and-dagger view of social interaction, but they risk taking gaslighting, especially, a bit too far. We say Scorpio doesn’t text as much as s/he subtexts, their words never intended just for face value. There is always something of a sting, a backhanded compliment, or a tiny twist of the knife. They take Taurus’ need to be liked to a new level, seeking to possess others, as if embodying an addictive substance to which others might become hooked. Scorpios make you feel you need them while all the while testing your mettle in putting up with (read: loving) them. They get into your head, like the cute but rather terrifying Lucy, in the Peanuts, ever playing the psychiatrist, scanning your psyche for root intent.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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