Aries 15° (April 4)

The upstairs neighbor is here and now I feel kind of grateful that I’m leaving and will be in a free-standing cottage. Morning meeting with team A-S. I want things to remain simple and not get overly thought out and unduly delayed any more than they already are. It is quite bizarre to be engaged with openly and friendly and such by someone who otherwise isn’t speaking to you. I’m pretty garlicked out from last night and really can’t bring myself to mange much. I end up eating the leftover Caesar just to keep the garlic alive in my life. Later in the day I’ll make barley and put the soup fixings together minus the actual stock. Mainly I am just trying to get caught up sipping red wine. It will be a very productive day in all, plowing through all that needs plowing through. All this said I know that I am in a deep, spiral of depressingness. I could cry all day so trying to stay busy. It’s very tough I feel so, so alone. I didn’t cultivate much in the way of friendship outside of the coupledom you see. I’m not much hearing back even from the usual suspects. I don’t know what to say about it all. The upstairs neighbor has a very heavy foot.

Over the years, I have guested on countless podcasts and terrestrial and satellite radio shows, both here and abroad, on SiriusXM in particular, as well as on other television programs, mainly on MTV and VHI. Kelly Ripa has twice featured my books on “Live!” once most vividly in a lively exchange with Anderson Cooper whose mother Gloria Vanderbilt was a vocal fan.  Becoming that “word-of-mouth phenomenon” was no accident, despite my perhaps making it look easy. My books launched at Barneys New York (with Sextrology-themed windows designed by Simon Doonan, who also endorsed the book on its back cover), Fred Segal in Los Angeles, MAP in San Francisco, Louis Boston, Colette in Paris, Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and Dublin, Selfridges and The Cross in London, Septième Étage in Geneva, Vestibule in Zurich, fashionable venues where we could attract notable friends and fans including NO NAMES who wrote a song, Goodbye Pisces, inspired by Sextrology,crediting this fact in her own book, Piece by Piece

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