Taurus 2° (April 22)

Today is going to be a day of focusing on what I can no longer tolerate. Who knew I had standards? But I guess I do. I am surely feeling overwhelmed and I won’t realize until later how this is beginning to affect me, physically. Anyway, there are more cosmic things to talk about: Being endemic to his sign in any case, the theme of objectification can carry over into a sort of self-form as he matures—in the straight Taurus, this may manifest in his identifying as an aptly named Bull type, that is to say a so-called superior male specimen who derives pleasure from stepping in to engage in sexual activity with a woman who is left wanting by her husband or male partner, the cuckhold figure, considered, by all in the mix, to be the lesser male figure. It might seem we made an quick, sharp turn into a sexual place, here, and we did; but it helps to illustrate a more sweeping point: Taking on this sexual persona is an extreme, vivid manifestation of what, to some degree or other, the Taurus man would consider his role in the full sexual arena at large. He likes to be viewed as the premier “choice” beefcake in any erotic equation, just as he enjoys not only the genuflective worship it invites, but also even if just a hint of humiliation he might impose in the process.  On top of which, being the special guest star in such a scenario, he doesn’t have to deal with any relationship muss or fuss. It’s all a big rush for his ego, which is just one element of his personal self that requires fluffing. And, in this analysis, we might infer that his need to play, at once so detached and yet dominant role, even if he does so affectionately, might indicate an underlying insecurity on the subject of his manhood. The irony being that Taurus tends to overemphasize and draw strength from his sense of physical prowess while it is in regard to his emotional state, particularly his ability to sustain a loving commitment, where he has the most difficulty manning up. A lifetime experience being appreciated for his appearance, if not his Adonis-like figure, and/or for the performative façade he has carefully cultivated year on year can add up to a feeling of emptiness that is all too easily exposed in intimate relationships. He might brush off this fact with a casual excuse that, well, you know me, I could never be satisfied with just one wo/man, turning what is a lack in his ability to invest deeply into an ironic point of pride in his roving bachelor status. Even in this, he might find a way to inspire envy in his friends, whom he may insinuate are whipped in their own relationships. In itself, this attitude is a form of degradation, but Taurus is prone to puff himself up by subtly putting others down, making them feel less-than. Such that the sense of self-aggrandizement the straight Taurus might gain in playing the Bull in an erotic setting is drawn, in equal parts, from providing a superlative sexual experience for the woman and a humiliating one for her husband, boyfriend or what have you. Again, we use this as an extreme example to illustrate more broad Taurus tendencies: Another being that he is not what you might consider aspirational in his relationships, should he enter into one—not all signs are—and for the very reason that this guy cannot easily cope with being outshone. He might take a backseat in decision making, deferring to a more imperious partner in most matters which he would readily delegate in any event, allowing them to shoulder the burdens of everyday life, providing him license to be that much more the divested, shiny object, steeling all the focus that he may. The Bull persona is surely the performative star of the sexual show and, though the other players are cast as so-called submissives, it is really they who call the shots, inviting him to make a cameo appearance, but disposing him at will. He might be the man on top in the immediate situation, but he is nonetheless the second banana (forgiving the pun) in the larger scheme of things. His is actually, in that sense, a passive role with a signature Taurus twist, and he might easily find it has one day been re-cast with a younger, stronger character. Just one of the many ways that life can feel for the Taurus like a race against time, his lifelong gazing into the looking glass morphing from sense of self-appreciation to dread of what the future holds, as one day mirror-mirror will provide a different answer to the daily proverbial question.

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