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I have to have a cold-call email at the ready.


Our Afterglow Festival in Provincetown will celebrate year eight September 10-16.

And we are currently working on putting talent together for that and, even more pressingly, for the series I do at Oberon at the American Rep in Cambridge, which will be year 4.

The series at Oberon has dates from October to April.

So, having never seen you live, but I know the folks at Joe’s Pub are big fans as are mutual friends out there. And I really like what I see online.

For both Afterglow and (what has been called but I’m trying to change) the Glowberon series at A.R.T., I’m looking for something full-length—80 minutes is the sweet spot—and I do love a narrative, a fierce point of view, musicality and a schmear of funny.

With Afterglow, which I do solely non-profit, we travel artists to Provincetown and provide hotel of course and a small fee of $500 per act. The non-profit is dedicated to keeping non-commercial performance alive in what is the birth place of modern American theater. It’s sort of a “Save Provincetown (from itself)” campaign and we have a fabulous family of artists who participate year on year. In gentrified Ptown where Broadway stars take up the stages all summer, we have carved out this sacred space and time for artists at season’s end and helped them grow an audience in Ptown, which has positively impacted artists’ followings back in New York and, certainly, in Boston. Provincetown is filled with influencers and Afterglow is known for being the first to bring so many names to audiences’ attention.

I have included many of the same artists in the series in Cambridge which pays a guarantee of $800 and 40% to artists and venue—our non-profit takes 20% and handles all press, promotion and audience build. As with Ptown, we have created a home in Boston/Cambridge (where one hasn’t previously existed) for the artists we produce and present.

We are currently looking at producing at other venues throughout the region as well as doing some work abroad.

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